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Found 9 results

  1. This might seem like a weird question/issue. I've done ROM editing for NES/SNES. But this is my first time trying Genesis. I want to edit logos in NHL 94. I'm using Tile Layer Pro. But have also tried using Tile Molester. Everytime I edit some tiles, I press save. But when I try to load up my edited rom in an emulator, it won't play. The emulator just stays at a black screen. I tried then loading the rom in Tile Layer Pro again, and this time I just edited ONE TILE in the pittsburgh pengiuns logo just to try it again. Saved the Rom in Tile Layer Pro. Loaded it in several emulators, but it won't play. Again, it just shows a black screen. Any Ideas? It seems like I must have some sort of setting wrong. (I have tried the auto-fix checksum feature, but that didn't do anything either). Any help out there?
  2. I need serious help... I want to add custom names to players, maximize skill points and stats and change some rules... I also want to change the photos of players in NHL '94 with other images for private use... How did I go about all this!?!? Can someone please help me???
  3. I need help trying to change team cities, names and arenas, players, numbers and names and logos for all EA NHL games for the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo (my preferred games: NHLPA 93 [GEN/SNES], NHL '94 [SNES], NHL '97 [GEN/SNES] and NHL '98 [GEN/SNES])... NOSE and EARE don't go as far nor as customary as I hoped for...
  4. Good afternoon everyone. My name is George and I am a new poster to NHL94.com. I am the new Volunteers Coordinator for the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo which is planned to take place on August 13th, 2016 at the Upsky Hotel in Hauppauge, Long Island, New York. Here is the link to information about the expo: http://expo.liretro.com/ The expo held a NHL 94 Genesis tournament last year, and had only 6 participants. After the tournament, I looked at the popularity of the game from the community standpoint and felt that the tournament should of had more participants. This year, I am currently gathering information so I can advise the organizers to get the tournament back on the advertised tournament list. If it does get added back to the list, I hope to promote the tournament to the community through this forum and other avenues. If there is anyone from New York/Long Island Metro area who would be able to assist me with the rules and format, and give me feedback on how to make it successful, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, if you would like to run an NHL 94 tournament at the expo, I can provide you the contact information to the Events Coordinator and continue further discussion with him. Plus, if you are in the area and want to be a general volunteer, please let me know. We do not have the incentives program finalized at the moment, but we are trying to make it reflect our appreciation for your sacrificed time and dedicated volunteerism. Thanks for all your feedback and support. I really hope to create a successful NHL 94 tournament for everyone and get to meet the NHL 94 community at the expo! P.S. I am also trying to get Tecmo Bowl into the expo as a tournament. I am currently gathering information for that tournament, as well. If anyone has suggestions on how to run a Tecmo Bowl tournament or is interested in volunteering, please message me. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Not sure who's noticed this as well but on the NHL94.com homepage but the site features "Genesis, Sega CD & SNES". However, I searched the forums and there are no threads about the Sega CD version of 94! I don't want to start anything but it's funny how Sega CD is listed before SNES. Just sayin' ;-) So this is going to be the thread to discuss all things Sega CD (which considering the popularity of this system will most likely be the shortest discussion this site has seen) About a month ago, I purchased a Sega CD recently and then bought a couple copies of '94. I fired it up on Sunday and here are my initial reactions. 1. It's like the Gens & SNES had a little b@stard child. 2. It looks and feels more like the Gens version but the goalies play more like the SNES version. (take that with a grain of salt since I haven't played the SNES too much) 3. Goals you would think are gimmes... forget it. 4. The game sound fx are so much worse than Gens 5. Loading times are annoying. 6. No Hot/Cold lists 7. Big PRO -- Ron Barr speaks during the team roster comparison where the hot/cold lists should be 8. Biggest PRO -- the organ music never sounded so good! Not sure how many others out there have played but would enjoy to hear your feedback.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/easportsnhl?fref=nf If you scroll down the EA NHL page on FaceBook a bit, then you will see a section called "Visitor Posts" on the left hand side. I just posted there (bottom left of the screenshot):
  7. Just released a limited edition 16-bit EA SPORTS Hockey player t-shirt to kick off the Winter Olympics. Here's the product page: http://sportiqe.com/products/ea-sports-16-bit-hockey-player-t-shirt We read on this forum that $35 seems like a high price, so feel free to use the code UNIQE for 20% off. GO USA!
  8. hello! i'm back again with another updated rom... NHLPA Hockey '94 is the update for the original NHL '94 onto the NHLPA Hockey '93 rom. The game menu for picking teams has Los Angeles vs Montreal. All uniforms are all up to date (like Hartford's away uniform from green to dark blue) Ottawa and Tampa Bay roster are all updated with new players.All player rosters are exact as per NHL '94 and also www.nhl94.com,and even the all-star teams. The rink is slightly changed as well with a darker touch as the original blue rink. on another note there is no Mighty Ducks and Panthers. I might edit the All-Star teams into Anaheim and Florida at another date. Anyways...here's the update...NHLPA '94.bin If you have any comments...Please be free to do so. Enjoy!!!
  9. Hey all, Any tips on dirty gear you've found to rep NHL 94? I found these wicked EA Sports shirts, and then saw Chris Kreider was rocking them, with a few other celebs (TJ Galiardi, Brent Burns). What do you think? Website seems legit, gear seems comfortable enough to play in. http://sportiqe.com/collections/ea-sports-shirts/products/ea-sports-blood-on-ice-hockey-shirt http://sportiqe.com/collections/ea-sports-shirts/products/ea-sports-hockey-shirt
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