Worst NHL 94 Team  

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  1. 1. The Worst team

    • Anaheim Ducks
    • Florida Panthers
    • Ottawa Senators
    • San Jose Sharks
    • Tampa Bay Lightning

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For SNES, I think the worst are like this:

Worst - San Jose (just a bunch of crappy players. Wilson has a hard shot, that's about it).

2nd Worst - Tampa Bay (you'd think Bradley would help, but no, this team is doomed)

3rd Worst - Ottawa (maybe I'm biased, but Turgeon/Baker/Kudelski is pretty damn good.)

4th Worst - Florida (they have Gord Murphy!)

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(edit: whoops, I thought this was BobK's post :) )

Things are different on the Genesis side, due to the weight bug (and are some of the rosters different?). Is it posisble to edit the poll to split it up based on console?

  1. Worst: Anaheim. Maybe more skilled than Ottawa, but they tend to be heavy and slow. Their D is pretty good with the weight bug fix...
  2. 2nd Worst: Ottawa. MacIver is decent on the back end, and Turgeon has 4 speed. Baker, Kudelski, and Lamb aren't totally incompetent. Terrible goalies.
  3. 3rd Worst: Florida. Vanbiesbrouck in goal and Murphy on D save this team from their useless forward corps (you know it's bad when you're tempted to keep Scott Mellanby on your starting line despite his 1/1 skating).
  4. 4th Worst: San Jose: Their bad forwards just seem a little better than those of the teams already listed. Falloon has 4/4 skating. Doug Wilson's 6/1 shot and 4/3 skating needs to be respected... if you're playing another expansion team, anyway.
  5. 5th Worst: Tampa Bay. Bradley's low weight and excellent shot instantly put the team above all the others. Irbe isn't toooo bad. Andersson has 2/4 skating, so at least you have a fast guy to rush the puck.
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