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SDL 3 rules


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Like before the rules are :

Penalty on, offside off

line change off

5 mins period

manual goalie

Win : 2 pts

Lost : 0 pts

Tie : 1 pts

no otl pts. For the desync, try to get the savestate and try to reload game. If that's doesn't work, try to write the score and player stat and when you start the game try to score with the same player. If you load a wrong game and/or a game 2 times, just let me know the game # and ill delete game.

Exept for this year you have only 44 games to play (4 vs each coach).

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May I suggest that everyone record a .zmv (zsnes movie). If the game freezes or desyncs you can always start the zmv and fast forward to a position right before it desynced, make a save state. Then restart zsnes and connect to your opponent, load the state and keep playing. That way we won't lose the stats.

I've done this myself a couple of times previous seasons (I always record zmv btw) and it works perfectly.

To record a .zmv go to the ZSNES menu "MISC" then click "Movie OPN". There you can pick a slot to record a zsnes movie.

A zsnes movie is a recording of the buttons you and your opponent are pressing. So it generates a tiny file and it should not mess with the game itself (lag wise or whatever).

When doing playback of a zmv you can press button under the ESC-key. "~" on a english keyboard to fast forward the "video".

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