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I think the SDL season is enjoying another great season so far.

Some storylines I've noticed:

-c4outlaws (Quebec) has looked pretty dominant so far, as he continues to utilize Teemu Selanne to great effect. c4 leads the league in goals per game (6.21) AND goals against per game (2.88). The question remains - how will he fare in the playoffs?

-Speaking of Selanne, he has lit the league on fire. He leads the league in points per game by a considerable margin and is currently tied with Buffalo's Pavel Bure at 3.42 goals per game,

-Reigning champ houly (Montreal) is once again playing some great hockey, thanks to some surprisingly strong play by pivot Joe Nieuwendyk, and has already logged 34 games. houly trails only San Jose (currently coached by Northway Native) in terms of games played.

-Ottawa's defensive defenseman Slava Fetisov is surprisingly leading the league in PPG by a defenseman. Ottawa has played just 16 games thus far, so it remains to be seen if he can keep it up.

-it looks like there will be quite the battle for the final playoff spot as there are a number of teams fighting it out.

Good luck to everyone the rest of the way!

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-Northway Native has emerged as a dark horse contender. Having notched wins over respected vets such as pondhcky, grayto, and xot82, he is now looking to shock the world with an inconceivable run through the playoffs.


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-fank009 doing suprisingly well, giving fights in ALL of his matches, as opposed to be just cleanly swept all the time... Maybe a 2nd half comeback... but maybe not... combination of luc/lindros and hull seems to be working, having a nice 3+Gpa... Fuhr, in some cases doing the job, in some cases maybe not... But all in all, definetly performing better this season, and always, should never be underestimated.

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This just in, Fank has finally done the impossible, and entered the double figures in the wins department... STL fans are in a blaze, Lindros, happy with the teams achievement gave this statement, "sometimes we lose "easy games" sometimes we pull of upsets... its a good feeling being in the top 8, this late in the season... even if it is for a brief period. The guys are stoked, and we can only hope results go our way, We have 8 games left, we are hoping to add to that total for a good round season"

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