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  1. Agreed with double charge. Bigger prize pool + the guys putting it on get paid a bit more.
  2. You guys should check out Super Famista 3 for SNES. It was made by Namco and plays just like (even better than, imo) RBI Baseball. The only drawback is that everything is in Japanese, but it's not that hard to navigate through the menus. The graphics and gameplay are top-notch. I'd also be interested in a Bad News league/tourney.
  3. Game 7 was awesome, great series boys. Grats to Freydey.
  4. This sounds awesome but I really wish there was a list of the names of the players who signed up. Any of the SNES league stalwarts like grayto, annatar, oilers, kudelski, c4, etc. Most importantly, what about Fenty? Can you sign up for both gens and snes? Also, what the hell are the rules going to be? I wouldn't be too stoked it I fly from Oregon to Toronto and it ends up being Auto goalies with line changes and offsides on. What about the prize pool? The website is pretty vague and very strangely formatted as well. I'm surprised so many are willing to toss $45 in without knowing any of this. Anyway, I'm tempted but $400 round trip plus hotel makes me pretty hesitant. Would love to meet some buds and do some live 2v2 if things work out. P.S. sorry to Hali for not getting signed up for Dynasty season 2 and to UncleSeth for not finishing my gens playoff series with you last year.
  5. I'll step in for anyone who drops out!
  6. Hey raph, sorry been super busy. Tomorrow night around 8 or 9 pacific sound good?
  7. I'll be around late nights this week for our games, both Gens and SNES. I prefer not to mix either so let's shoot for Gens earlier in the week.
  8. Go Labs! Dude is kicking ass. Losers bracket series played, Northway (CHI) vs Freydey (MTL) HABS 6 CHI 1 HABS 1 CHI 2 HABS 2 CHI 7 Chi wins 2-1 GGS Freydey
  9. I'm going to try to be around from between 6-9PM pacific time this week, hoping to get some games in as I only have 2 completed. If you have limited availability, post in here what time (include your time zone) works good for you and we'll figure it out. tldr; NEED GAMES POST NAME AND TIME YOU CAN PLAY
  10. I'll play Blackhawks, please. Nice list of bassists, Raph.
  11. I said this in another thread and I'll say it again here; By signing up for "A" league you are basically signing a waiver that states "I will not complain if I get smashed". You have to keep in mind that you're playing the best players IN THE WORLD at this game. I truly believe that the top "A" level players could beat anyone else on earth. The only way to improve is by playing the great players. If you get stomped, so what? Learn from it and get better. Complaining, quitting, and insulting other players shouldn't be tolerated, period. I understand how rage-inducing it can be when you're getting outplayed or catching tough breaks, it happens to everyone, but you have to keep it together and not let it boil over into bad sportsmanship.
  12. Like Raph said, I think it depends on the situation. If you're playing someone you don't really know and/or they happen to be new, it's probably a good idea to let off a bit. To me, it depends on if it's a season game or an exi. if it's season I'm trying to run the score up against everyone. if you sign up for classic, sdl, whatever else, you also signed a waiver that you won't take offense to getting smashed. Learn from it and return the beating down the road. I think that new players should be urged to get in as many exi's as possible before they sign up for a season, just so they aren't shocked by the sheer brutality of it all. Getting beaten by double digits in a game you thought you were good at can cause permanent damage to a mans psyche. When two veterans are playing each other I think it's generally accepted that both are trying to score as many as they can. No mercy.
  13. Nice tutorial, Raph! I'm hoping this gets a lot of SNES players excited since 4-player snes netplay is generally regarded as impossible.
  14. That paragraph bordered on coherent at times, well done. Are you actually going to play your games this season or will you chump out again after you're on the wrong end of some smashings?
  15. Where the hell can I get me a pair of those hockey skate boots?! They appear to be a modded pair of Tacks...goddamnit those are killer.
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