Dynasty is a great lg format but you %$@#$ slackers are killing it

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lets keep this going n boot the last of the fing slackers out n keep it going with new blood,screw the slackers,a good lg shouldnbt be killed by people who don't give a s**t,BOOOT THEM!!!! Theres plenty of good coaches who are interested in playing and can keep this going ,and for new guys who don't know what this lg is about ,its having a salary cap n bidding on players to build teams.1 of the best ideas out there but just killed by letting slackers in.

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lol go fight a bear

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Dynasty is driving me crazy. I have 12 one goal losses (and a few 2 goal losses in close games). My record is soooo awful, but I really haven't played that bad.

Sounds like something i'd say :grimace:

Forget dynasty.................Let's get Blitzing!!!!!!!

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