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  1. Just got on the forums for the first time in years and this was the post I immediately remembered I had to reread. An absolute classic!
  2. Hoping I can find someone interested in completing this rom. The rosters need changed to generic sci-fi named teams and players, each team with preferably different player types. For the intro, it needs the 94 song changed to some cool Blade Runner or sci-fi-esque music (not sure if that's even possible?) The puck could be bigger and other little things with colors could be cleaned up. Overall, I think it could be a really cool rom if it was entirely completed.
  3. I haven't seen a post on here about how aim is dead (literally). Are there any other programs or apps that the 94 community is using to communicate? (I'm gonna miss the late night 94 aim chats with everyone )
  4. As all good Canucks fans know, spread love, not hate.
  5. I'd like to see John Williams write an original score for the documentary. (If he's out of the price range, maybe Jon Brion?)
  6. The biggest thing being overlooked here is the context of the play. Yes, lag spikes are part of the game. If it were a season game, I would agree, you should bite the bullet and take the spiked goal and move on. However, this was a tied critical game in the finals with a few minutes left in the third... and it was between two veterans who aren't named wags or dcicon. I think most people would expect a vet (thus making it an unwritten rule) to give back the spiked goal and try to win in a legitimate fashion, rather than take the win on a quasi-legitmate goal. ... And I think that's the biggest problem: Even if there was a good chance that seth wouldn't have prevented the goal, why take what would probably end up as the series-clinching goal off of a quasi-legitimate play?
  7. If the argument was that the puck was already going in before the lag, it should count. If the argument is that it's a tough break (equivalent to a tough "bounce"), you're allowed to exploit someone who's not playing/can't play during a 5 second lag-glitch (especially during a tie game in the third during the finals), that's sketchy at best. Maybe it's not a written rule, but it's definitely not cool move.
  8. Sorry guys, I was really looking forward to this league, but work has been unexpecetdly crazy for me this month... and with the holidays coming up, too, there's no real prospect of me having the free time to get an entire season in. (I haven't even had enough time, as it is, to get any games in.)
  9. We talked last weekend about playing during the week, but never ran into each other. I'll PM him.
  10. I should be around most evenings (including tonight), so hit me up if we haves games.
  11. Yup. Let one of us know your screen name and we can get you into the 94 AIM groups.
  12. That would be awesome. I would definitely be down for doing that sometime. Maybe we can make it out if you get a Chicago tourney going.
  13. Driving out there, I, too, wondered if the experience would be uncomfortable, but found everyone to be so nice and good natured that it really did feel like a bunch of old friends getting together for a weekend. It was great to finally meet so many of the people I have known through the site for years. It just shows what a great, strong community and group of characters we have here. I couldn't have had a better time. Congratulations and thanks to everyone that made it happen. Hopefully we can get even more of the people from the site to come out for the next one. It was so much fun hanging out with all of you.
  14. I had a great time and was amazed at how smooth the tournament ran. My only suggestion for next time would be to consider getting a venue that would give us more space. I thought by the afternoon, our section of the restaraunt was really crammed and noisy, making it hard to get around, watch other matches, and talk to people. With that said, though, Real Sports was definitely right environment for the first tournament and to feature in the movie.
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