Win the Cup every game?

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Is there any way to trigger the Cup after a regular season win.

I've got some ideas for roms if we could figure out how the hack (if it hasn't been done already).


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I once did this on my sega cartridge...

My friend and I did a head-to-head playoffs best of 7. He was Chicago. He won 3 rounds against me, but then I won the cup. After that, every exhibition game we played ended with a cup celebration.

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I discovered how to trigger it years back. What you do is go to play 1 game playoff mode. Then win the first 3 rounds. When you reach the cup finals, go to regular season mode, and put in the same teams that would be in the cup finals. Win that game. After that, every regular season game will end with a cup victory. Pretty cool, and it lets you see things you'd normally never see. Like for example, the Rangers winning the cup on Islanders ice (not possible in regular playoff mode since both teams are in the East). Even all-star teams can win the cup!

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That is awesome! Can't wait to get home now and try it!

Would be sweet to somehow have it set for our leagues' finals.

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FYI: Tried this on SNES, did not work.

I it pretty awesome when you do it though. Especially on edits, and you change 20 min periods to 1 min periods, and just score once and win, than switch to five.

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