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  1. Hello This thing is indeed still on. I'm back on the NHL 94 wagon for the first time in 2 years... anybody online for exis? Are we still using AIM for chat or what? Let's play!!!
  2. Awesome feedback. I edited the OP by adding some teams and switching some years. I'm inclined to stick with the '13 Hawks, because they had the longest undefeated streak in NHL history (30 games), and I thought they were more dominant that year. I just created a Google spreadsheet for the rosters that anyone can edit: "STANLEY CUP HEAVEN" - NHL '94 ROSTERS Rosters will indeed be tough. It probably makes sense to do the most recent teams first and use data that already exists from recent (Clockwise) ROMs. One big question is whether to use the classic '94 ROM where skills attribute ratings that go on a scale with a maximum of 6 or to use the new Clockwise ROM where skills ratings go up to 15. Speaking of the ROM, I was thinking this should be based on the GENS weight bug fixed with Y-button goalie control enabled.
  3. I was watching some archival Stanley Cup footage on NHL Network recently and it was pretty cool. Got me inspired to make a ROM with nothing but Stanley Cup Winners. I know Slapshot67 did a ROM with the greatest teams of all time, but I would love to create a new rom with weight bug fix and Y-button goalie control. The other difference will be that this will have nothing but Stanley Cup Champions. Here's a collaborative list... updated December 27, 2014 '52 Red Wings '56 Canadiens '61 Blackhawks '63 Maple Leafs '72 Bruins '74 Flyers '77 Canadiens '82 Islanders '84 Oilers '89 Flames '92 Penguins '93 Canadiens '94 Rangers ‘97 Red Wings '99 Stars ‘01 Avalanche '03 Devils '04 Lightning '07 Ducks '09 Penguins '11 Bruins ‘13 Blackhawks '14 Kings One challenge with designing the ROM is that you wouldn't want to repeat teams with the same core star players. For example, I wouldn’t include both the '77 and '78 Canadiens because it's too redundant. However, the ‘56 team with different core players (Richard and Beliveau) would make it. If anyone’s wondering how I choose specific years when teams won several cups with the same players, my formula was basically to choose whichever team had the better regular season record. I also googled “best hockey teams of all time” when I started making the list. Feel free to make suggestions to improve the list. If enough people are interested, I'll start a Google Drive spreadsheet for the rosters. Cheers. DaWook
  4. Depch swept me, setting up the conference championship vs Plabax. GGs
  5. Ron Barr Conference 2nd Round: Flamingpavelbure (1) vs Plabax (5) da94wookiee (2) vs Depch (3) I am about to send a private message to Depch to schedule games.
  6. nahkahomo - stop talking s**t and play your games
  7. I believe your .bin is mislabeled. GDL X was last year.
  8. instead of acting like a couple of babies, maybe you two should get on AIM and play your games - or at least send private messages and nail down a time
  9. I get the feeling it could take a long time for Nahkahomo vs FPB and also Plabax vs Houly C'mon fellas, let's get 'em in.
  10. when is the nhl '94 version coming out? http://www.nike.com/us/en_us/launch/c/2014-05/nike-air-trainer-iii-premium
  11. Well... jer had internet issues so we couldn't play tonight. minpind and Vocally Caged have been AWOL. Let's get 'em in, fellas.
  12. YEEEEEEEEE-HAWWWWWWWWWWWW These are the games Montreal has left, let's play! brutus - 2 LABS_66 - 2 kupuck19 - 2 skeletor - 1 BoKnowsNHL94 - 2 Zalex - 2 eggink444 - 2 jer_33 - 4 Sicarius - 2 minpind - 2
  13. I once did this on my sega cartridge... My friend and I did a head-to-head playoffs best of 7. He was Chicago. He won 3 rounds against me, but then I won the cup. After that, every exhibition game we played ended with a cup celebration.
  14. minpind that NHL 14 vid was hilarious! Wow Happy Holidays! This article had some good hockey players so I had to post here: The 28 Most Unfortunate Names In Sporthttp://www.buzzfeed.com/robinedds/people-with-the-most-unfortunate-names-in-sport
  15. Awesome! Live tourneys are the best. Way to represent. Can someone please send me a direct message when you finish planning the 20th anniversary rager and BBQ?
  16. ugh. they'll hopefully make some tweaks to those jerseys before 2014 olympics so they look good on tv at least.
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