Blitz 08 - 3rd deadline


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Hey guys, third deadline was yesterday (16GPs) so far so good for most of the guys, especially in the B league where only mindpind couldn't reach it. Big GA to grezkyonacold and Brutus for already completing (or almost) their 44 GPs schedule.

Blitz A:

  • Zalex: 11gps (he was suppose to get a bit more games in yesterday but couldn't because of the flue, he will play some more this week)
  • SOH: 13gps (Easy to schedule games with...send him a message on AIM and he usually answers within the day (Vocally Caged))
  • Sebe: 9gps (came in as a replacement coach....)

Blitz B:

  • Minpind: 12gps (available late at night


to ZALEX and SEBE:

If you guys can't be on aim often to schedule games, could you please post youre availability on here so we can schedule Gas with you? Or via PM? FPB came in as a replacement coach last week and has already 16gps so it shouldn't be that hard...

I really don't want to replace either of you but if you don't give any life sign you will give me no choice, it wouldn't be fair for the 2 coaches on the waiting list....hokkefan and houly...who both quit just after the season launch..lawl WTGA o_O

To the rest good job and keep the blitzgas on, A leaguers should try to keep up with B gas!


Official Waitlist

  1. Houly - Active - A
  2. Hokkefan - Active - A
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Yeah, I was playing MINPIND couple of weeks ago, and we had a few desynchs. Finished up 3 of them, but the 4th one went KABOOM, and couldn't re-connect.

Hoping to get my final game in and then pray pray pray the right guys lose or don't finish so I sneak into the playoffs :)

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