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  1. Houly

    GDL XV Team selections (POLL)

    I'd like to be in the league this year. What about a 25th player? Lol!
  2. Houly


    no problem, Ill be there ...around 11am to 5pm and more!
  3. Houly


    Anyways, my serie with frey is my last gms online. After this i'm out! -I can't deal with the players like plabax...plus he asked to restart the gm at 0-0 after my 3-1 leads! (LOL) Ty!
  4. Houly


    Brutus, you can take my spot. ty! Plabax is a real joke... P.S. Frey ! I can play tomorrow or this weekend... if im not on aim today!
  5. Houly

    GDLXII - Playoff Picture

    damn...can't wait to kick freydey a**hole in 2nd round...c'mon guys...play your games
  6. Houly

    Clam down

    hey! I hate the leafs
  7. Houly

    Spring '15 SNES Selection Draft

    Snes B Bruins plz
  8. Houly

    Clam down

    you'r right TK, plabax 1000x passhot goals in a gm is better! hehe
  9. Houly

    Clam down

    Calm down...must be the title
  10. Houly

    Clam down

    kingraph and plabax... plz can you stop the rapons against the newbs! 14-3 or 13-1 is not cool...
  11. Houly

    Blitz 10 Lines

    Buffalo 1st line G: R.Hextall LD: L.Murphy RD: R.Bourque LW: C.Ruutu C: D.Andreychuk RW: Y.Khmylev 2nd line G: Waka-Waka LD: A.Gusarov RD: S.Bautin LW: P.Stastny C: G.Sanderson RW: D.Hunter