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  1. I'd like to be in the league this year. What about a 25th player? Lol!
  2. no problem, Ill be there ...around 11am to 5pm and more!
  3. Anyways, my serie with frey is my last gms online. After this i'm out! -I can't deal with the players like plabax...plus he asked to restart the gm at 0-0 after my 3-1 leads! (LOL) Ty!
  4. Brutus, you can take my spot. ty! Plabax is a real joke... P.S. Frey ! I can play tomorrow or this weekend... if im not on aim today!
  5. damn...can't wait to kick freydey a**hole in 2nd round...c'mon guys...play your games
  6. hey! I hate the leafs
  7. you'r right TK, plabax 1000x passhot goals in a gm is better! hehe
  8. Calm down...must be the title
  9. kingraph and plabax... plz can you stop the rapons against the newbs! 14-3 or 13-1 is not cool...
  10. Buffalo 1st line G: R.Hextall LD: L.Murphy RD: R.Bourque LW: C.Ruutu C: D.Andreychuk RW: Y.Khmylev 2nd line G: Waka-Waka LD: A.Gusarov RD: S.Bautin LW: P.Stastny C: G.Sanderson RW: D.Hunter
  11. Sabres (houly) Jeremy Roenick to Sharks (lupz) Mike Modano
  12. Mario Gosselin & Petr Nedved on the block ! LOL
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