Go Cubs Go RBI Baseball

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Here are 2 RBI Baseball Edits in celebration of the World Series and the Cubs.

The Cubs and Braves are in every rom as they were/are my favorite teams.

Pitching is jacked up and hitting is toned down from the Original Versions.

Fun and easy game to edit.

Just 3 attributes

Contact = Batting Average

Power = Home Runs

Speed = Stolen Bases

10 Teams in Bold are included in the rom

1964 World Series St.Louis Cardinals** vs New York Yankees

1965 World Series Los Angeles Dodgers** vs Minnesota Twins

1966 World Series Los Angeles Dodgers vs Baltimore Orioles**

1967 World Series St. Louis Cardinals** vs Boston Red Sox

1968 World Series St. Louis Cardinals vs Detroit Tigers**

1965 San Francisco Giants (finished 2nd every year from 64-68)

1969 Chicago Cubs (finished 2nd to the Miracle Mets in NL East)

1969 Atlanta Braves (lost to Mets in NLCS)

1973 World Series New York Mets vs Oakland A's**

1975 World Series Cincinnati Reds** vs Boston Red Sox

1977 World Series Los Angeles Dodgers vs New York Yankees**

1979 World Series Pittsburgh Pirates** vs Baltimore Orioles

1978 Chicago Cubs (finished 3rd in NL East)

1978 Atlanta Braves (finished last in NL West)

This is the Original rom with the

1989 Chicago Cubs and 1989 Atlanta Braves replacing the All-Star Teams

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Nice, will have to try out. Never had RBI Baseball growing up. Everyone talk about how great it was.

My Baseball games of choice were Baseball Stars and Dusty Diamond's Allstar Softball.

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