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On 8/3/2018 at 1:16 PM, Brutus said:


#1 Brutus - Chicago IN
#2 Icestorm - Buffalo IN
#3 Aqua - LA Kings IN
#4 MikeGartner - St Louis IN
#5 AJ - San Jose IN
#6 AtomicRaven - Montreal IN
#7 Corbetkb - Dallas IN
#8 Lupz - Rangers IN
#9 Skip - Quebec IN
#10 Flatcrusher - Jets IN
#11 Zep - Hartford IN
#12 Chef - Philadelphia IN
#13 Chaos - Ottawa IN
#14 Jer - Toronto IN
#15 JackandJose - Tampa IN
#16 Dcicon - Florida IN
#17 SpaceGhost - Islanders IN



Blitz style ROM for weight bug fixed, NO C/B, Check rating added into Check Factor like in previous Blitz ROM's.
No boost to goalies, Classic style for goalie range & control switch controls (no SNES instant switch or shortened B switch controls)
Classic Hot/Cold on, except displays of in game ratings will be accurate.
5 minute periods, Offsides Off, Icing ON, Penalties on, but reduced to 45 seconds.
Overtime set for 10 minutes.  (Nothing better than an OT battle around the 4 minute mark after a few great saves!)
5 Forwards, 4 defense, 2 Goalies

League to start October 15th and run through November 30th. 
If we have sufficient games played to end season on the 30th, cut off for loading games will be Monday, December 1st @ 10 am central.
Playoffs will have A Playoffs, with Playin series for lower seeds, and B playoffs for bottom 6-8 coaches, if they are interested.
Will set a MINIMUM games played to be playoff eligible, but seeding will be based strictly on WIN PERCENTAGE.  DNP's will not factor into playoff standings.  Just a one set, minimum games played.


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