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1 hour ago, DominikJagr said:

From your older posts I assume you own the manual, am I right? If calling time-outs is not in the manual I very much doubt its possible to call them in the game. 

I checked my materials and all I have found is this article about NHL Hockey 95 that I downloaded many years ago:




There are a lot of things that are missing from manuals that are still there.

46 minutes ago, PenguinFan1985 said:

If you can't find it in the manual, I highly doubt that happened. Your mind is playing tricks on you.. must have dreamed it up.

I have played this game for most of my life both NHL hockey & NHL95 and have never called a timeout. I believe it's strictly there for show.

It happened.  After the Timeout was over.  It was gone from the screen.  It would make no sense that the Genesis game has Timeouts but the PC versions did not




Not a big deal as I really never did Timeouts either.

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