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Et Tu Brute Season 03: Official ROM


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Season 03 Official ROM: Et_Tu_Brute_S03.bin

Included hacks:

  • Ratings accurately display hot/cold boosts
  • 1 minute penalties
  • Home/Away Advantages set to minimal/equal (0-0)
  • 18 sexy teams (including Toronto St. Pat's, Vegas Golden Knights, and Hamilton Tigers!)
  • Music matched to teams (San Jose has jaws, Hartford has the Brass Bonanza, etc)
  • Graphic hacks
    • Billy Ranford (season 02 Conn Smythe winner) on the title screen!
    • Coach Splash Screen
    • Et Tu Brute Bubble Title and Game Clock!
    • Coors Light Sponsor!
    • Commissioner @Brutus as the announcer!
    • Tons of updated player cards!




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Wow, lots of nice touches.  Well done, Raph!  Sometimes a pixelated look is even cooler than hi-rez; certainly they can have more character. Love the Blackhawks logo screen, and the Ranford (with light ray effect!) one below it. Nice work!

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