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I know this is old but, love that theres an actual post on this! I used to go through and try to figure out who everyone was. Its cool they put some effort into these! And a lot of the best teams at the time did have a team here, the Rangers, Bruins, Canadiens, Kings, Red Wings, Blues, Penguins, Flyers, Blackhawks,,, the only team that really wasnt, cause they were a brand new team in 92-93, was the Sharks lol. Funny they put them in and not say, the Leafs who were 1 game from the finals, or Quebec who was the #1 seed in the east in the playoffs that year I believe with that stacked offense! I always wished this game got a romhack. Would have been amazing to see the non-NHL teams turned into NHL teams with more spoofs for example. Oh and just a quick edit, I always thought the Screaming Evils woulda been the New Jersey Devils but, Eagles makes sense too lol. Maybe they're like the Ice Slashers where it's a copied over team that's meant to be the Devils but without proper gimmick names?

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