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Ron Barr Cup (Canada vs USA) - Online tournament

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It's a Ryder Cup Style tournament between Canadians and Americans, requiring at minimum 4 players aside to make it work, and an even amount per side). Only existing online players are eligible for this (ie have already played in a league on the website). It'll be first come first served on Discord -> https://discord.gg/ZayufHtp4G

We are using the classic rom and classic league game settings.



1. Each player will play 4 games - (1 home and away on Sega, 1 home and 1 away on Snes)

2. @chaos (USA Captain) and I (Canada Captain) will select who plays in each game and it will be done via snake draft.

Example: Team Canada selected player B to play in the first game for Sega and they chose Chicago. Team USA captain selects player D to play against them and they must use a different team and they take Detroit.

Then the next game TEAM USA captain selects their player first and the team they use, and Team Canada then selected their player and team, and so on until all games are filled. 

3. Players cannot face each other more than once (which is the reason for the need for a minimum of 4 players per country.)

4. Once a team is taken on that console by that country, they cannot be used again until they run out of teams.

5. No mirror matches. Must pick a different team.

6. NEW - Each player must play at least one new player from the previous tournament.

7. NEW - 4 games (two SNES and two SEGA) will be added for 2v2. Penalties are turned off. Team Pairings must be different for each game, and no one can play in more than two games total.  Players should put their names forward to their team captains if they wish to play 2v2. Ideally with a partner already confirmed. 2v2 players committing to play should be online frequently as we don't want things to delay.

8. NEW - A "Captain's Game" will be played between Chaos and me as part of the tournament.

How Scoring works.

1. 10 points are awarded each game.

2. 4 points are awarded to the winning team, or two points are split for a tie

3. Two points are awarded for each period won or a split of the points for the same amount of goals scored in that period.

Example: Angryjay and I play a game on Sega.

First period AJ 3, Hali 0. (2 points awarded to USA)

Second Period, AJ 1, Hali 1 (1 point awarded to each country)

Third Period AJ 4, hali 1 (2 points awarded to USA)

Final Score AJ 8-2 (4 points awarded to USA)

Team USA leads Ron Barr Cup 9-1 after the first game.

EDIT: Example 2: Chaos and I play on SNES

First period Chaos 2, Hali 1 (USA awarded 2 points)

Second period Chaos 1, Hali 2 (Canada awarded 2 points)

Third period Chaos 1, Hali 1 (1 point awarded to each country)


The FINAL Score is 4-4  (2 points awarded to each country) 

Team USA is awarded 5 points total and Team Canada is awarded 5 points total for the second game.

Regardless of who is playing in the game,  the players are still playing for something each period to earn their team points.

4. There are no overtimes and games will end in a tie (similar to all-square matches in Ryder cup play.)


1. The team with the most points at the end is the winner of the "Ron Barr Cup".

(edit) Draft:

The Draft will be done with four different segments to be randomly decided which segment goes first and who goes first. (USA SEGA HOME games, USA SNES HOME games, CANADA SEGA HOME games, CANADA SNES HOME games)


1. @smozomaand I will attempt to stream as many games as possible for this.

Entry Fee

1. To make it interesting, there will be a $20 CAD entry fee per player (which I'm guessing is around $15 USD). The winning team wins the bounty and split it evenly among the team members.

2. Canadian players will pay via transfer, USA players will pay via PayPal. 





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