Sharks clinch berth

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Not only the Sharks enjoy a big win in Toronto with a 14-1 effort,but the also clinced one of the 6 coveted playoff spots with their 36-11-1 performance thus far in the season.

"This playoff spot just goes to show how hard our guys have worked all season through the the highs and lows we have experienced. It took the 70 or so points we expected we would need to make the playoffs and its a real accomplishment for our team, now we need to focus on getting a high seed," said the manage AngryJay.

As for the game that took place against the Leafs, the Sharks managed to acquire a Triple Hat Trick, an incredibly rare feat. Pierre Turgeon lead the way with a 4 goal, 5 assiist performance, he was closely follwed by linemates Jimmy Carson and Mark Recchi who were able to get 3 goals and an assist each to complete the Triple Hat Trick. Terry Yake pitched in a couple 2 man shorthanded goals, Alexei Gusarov played the role of playmaker by racking up 4 assits and adding a marker, while Ray Bourque add a shortie goal and an assist of his own.

"Sheer blanace, thats what we have, no one man took over the game and dominated, it was a total team effort," said the Captain Pierre Turgeon.

These type of team efforts have been the story for the Sharks this season and allowed them to lock up a playoff spot, these type of efforts will need to continue in the last 8 games of the season to wrap up a home ice advantage spot in the first round.

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in other news, Dino Ciccarelli of the Philadelphia Flyers won a major power lifting contest in Germany with a world recording breaking bench press of 1000 lbs. "It's just something that I do for a hobby, you know, while the season is going on and what not". The overwhelming power of Dino can not only be measured in the gym, but on the ice. Long time fan David Kucker, " I remember when Dino was playing juniors. He once took a slapshot so unbelievably hard that the puck itself literally went back in time and scored the game winning goal in the 1980 Olympic "Miracle on Ice" game.

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Why all the sarcasm? i appreciate the replies, probably the most ive gotten all season,but hey,im just curious.

Nothing against you AJ. You know I dig the write-ups.

It's just Hokkee has his been known to say some crazy s-h-i-t in while hittin' the bottle.

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did hokkee write something nasty last night and then replace it with a smiley face? the only thing i ever saw was a smiley face so im left out in the dark right now as to what in the world is going on.

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