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NHL 2008??

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the 2007-2008 season is coming up preety soon, and i think rosters are finished....... has anyone begun making a new rom for this game? i woulde be very interested in new about it

thanks, kyler

Yes. As always, swos and I are making a new rom. The NHL2008.bin should be published Oct 3 or Oct 4.

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thanks mack,

the font is pretty close to yours, i used a pixel font called pixeldust. not much choice when going that small.

The banners look bang on though.

Also great job on all the logos. They look really sharp.

One question though: why do you have the old nhl logo at center ice?

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NHL2008.bin (by swos & Mahavishnu) is released. All new graphics and all new rosters.


And as always, this rom and it's rosters are updated constantly.

All rookie players, except goalies, are currently overall 50-58, because it is impossible to forecast how good they'll be. Rookies will be adjusted as soon as possible, if they perform well in real NHL.

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