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Heres a crazy one I just experienced today... I had a clear cut breakaway with Theo, got taken down by Mr.Housley just across the blue-line, giving me a penalty shot. Theo ended up sliding into the goalie and getting an interference penalty. So the penalty shot is given to Theo, but instead of him lining up at center ice, he is in the penalty box and as soon as the whistle is blown to commence the penalty shot attempt the puck zips straight across from center ice onto Theo's stick in the penalty box as if it were a magnet. The game didn't freeze, but it was stuck in that state and i couldn't advance, resulting in me reseting the game. Needless to say I LOL'd for a while :lol:

oh man...too bad you didnt have a video of that one...priceless

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Stumbled across a weird one now...

Got a penalty at 1:55 in the 3rd. Then the other team got a delayed penalty and during that delay I scored a shorthanded goal. A split second before I scored there was one of those beeps when someone is about to get out of the penalty box (no it wasn't the breakaway beep, I was on a breakaway and that beeped earlier, heh). I scored at 2:21. Just as I scored, the "PENALTY" sign (from the delayed penalty) disappeared and the penalty time (for my player in the box) read 0:00 for an instant and then disappeared as well. Then it was back to 5 on 5 hockey.

I'm pretty sure this has happened before. I know there's been some buggyness around the delayed penalty and all that (delayed penalty shot, as mentioned earlier)..

Edit.. I actually managed to capture it.


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Now just what the hell is up with the penalties? :D

I had one player in the box, got a penalty shot, scored.. Now, I was still down one man, but there's no one in the box. Haha... So weird. Another shorthanded goal just after, and I was back to 5 on 5. Haha, oh man.

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this happens on some goals with hardware and emulators:


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