NHL '94 (15th Anniversary Edition) and NHL '94 Sim League


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Even though I'm enjoying my semi-retirement, that doesn't mean I have completely put '94 behind me.

I have created a PHP/MySQL database from scratch (many thanks to Dmitry for all of his help). I did it mainly to see if I could learn enough programming in order to make it, and down the line I wanted to run a league. However, with the current abundance of league options, I think it would be a bit much to add another league to the mix.

In the meantime, in order to help myself with debugging of code and to make sure everything works perfectly, I was thinking of having a sim league. Nothing special, I would just sim games and upload them to the database.

I haven't put the database up on a server yet, so it's running directly off of my computer. I don't intend on leaving it there b/c it would slow down my internet, but if you want to check out the site feel free to see what is going on at (Couple of games played)

Also, since 2009 is coming up, I created a rom to use. It's a 15th Anniversary Edition of NHL '94. All of the original rosters are there with very minor changes. (Put Richter ahead of Vanbiesbrouck on the Rangers, and added any extra letters to guys names that were missing i.e.: Alexander Mogilny).

I just tried to make the logos and unis better. I used the uniforms on www.nhluniforms.com as a reference, so if one or two are a little off I apologize.

It's the same old 94, with some new screens and created using wboy's 30 team rom (as always thanks wboy). A little something to celebrate 15 years of a great game.

Hope you guys like it.


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I think you should remove the duplicated men, like Cirella from the Rangers. nice site, yo! organized better than this one. bookmarked for referencing. thanks!

edit: where did the player images come from? were there more on the memory than were used? I see a picture of Mr. Turcotte....

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A while back Clockwise gave me a bunch of his player cards from his 91 ROM.

I was thinking about taking out the duplicates.... I'll have to sneak a peak at the SNES rom (gasp) :lol:

oh yeah... for the sim league.

I changed it up a bit.

10 Minute Periods, Auto Line Changes.

Also, I appologize for a bunch of errors in the stats right now. Most of the Per Game Stats are not calculating correctly. I'll fit those tonight and get everything back on track.

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if i may suggest..

it'd be nice if the icons at the top were easier to read. i have to squint and put my head right next to the screen to figure out what they are. they are just dark blobs to me (though i lean far back, my monitor is dark, and i am slightly red/green colour-blind, so with the darkness of teh screen the red is hard to differentiate from the black. ok this sounds like it's all my fault. still, i'd like to see them with a little bit of white between the letters!)

also, changing the text size between the buttons is blah..

dunno why it needs the say NHL in "NHL Standings", either.

but it's still awesome.

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Very nice work Donch, i like the updated looks very much.

I caught something on the webstie though, you have Alexander Semak on Winnipeg and Alexei Zhamnov on New Jersey, they should be switched.

Thanks Jay, I switched them. If you find any more let me know :)


Yeah the buttons were a little weird to me too, i switched them back to simpler text. I hope you can see them better :)

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After simming about 213 games, most of the bugs seem to have been found.

With Smoz's awesome find of the new individual Body Check stat, and some more additions to the site, I figured it was time that I reset the database and started the "Official" First Season.

I will be using a 40 game schedule, 10 min. periods, auto line changes, penalties on, no offsides.

(Pretty much the same schedule as before, just reordering of the games.)

I have reset the database and hopefully I can start simming games tomorrow or sometime early this week.

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