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    Having our annual NHL 95 Tourny this Saturday at a Buds house and hope to have the Twitch stream up https://www.twitch.tv/segathonsov Starts around 3pm but normally later in the night the stream will be more lively
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    I often like making things like this (did World Championship last fall), but I just don't have much interest in this tournament. Also rating all the unknown players would be a nightmare and arbitrary. Doing trade deadline update to NHL rom will keep my busy enough, I think.
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    If you want to go all low tech about it, i'd recommend just killing the audio input from the game, and then using your webcam's mic to capture the audio via the tv speakers. It's crude, but also picks up everything else, and you don't have to manage it. You should come to GB just to see what i'm working with.
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    The Chair incident from last year was the highlight of that tournament(if only the sound was on). I still feel like I can hear Jim Ross's voice commentating now. Loved that QB Browns is Putin.
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    Just a heads up to anyone coming that the rules were adapted from NHL '94 (credit given on the rule sheets). Current plan is for it to either be 32 person single elimination or 16 person double elimination, it all depend on day of signups.
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    heads up doing our Segathon again this Sat 3pm start but chair smashing normally doesnt start till late. I think I may have sound fixed as well. https://www.twitch.tv/segathonsov Also have are new rankings up to honor Presidents day with our Top 45. http://www.segathon.com/
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    so my king of canada thread gets taken down and this garbage stays UP .......I'm willing to argue that my thread has more to with nhl94 than this paper record! ......btw kg and kabs duo would take out the evil empire of AJ and x coach lol ps the reason I've become king of canada is because after beating all of you in toronto I needed a new goal and this is the only natural progression after canada it's the world Chico and everything in it!