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    Here is the official preseason ROM to test out. Extra special thanks to @chaos for helping out with the rosters today! Et_Tu_Brute_S02_preseason_01.bin NOTE: Penalties will show as 1 minute, but the timer has been sped up such that the actual time in the box will be 45 seconds of game time. The reason is penalties are limited to whole minutes as of now. I will tinker to see if this hack can be accomplished, but for now the speedier timer for penalties will suffice. Let me know of any updates/changes.
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    Not sure if this is still an open question, but I think I got the solutions where everything moved for the 32-team rom.
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    Very Cool! Huge Congrats on this! I am a big fan of VG. My favorite T-shirt of they make.
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    For Immediate Release Carson High Teachers Fly with Blue Angels Minden, Nev. (Oct. 10, 2018) — Two Carson High School teachers, Billy McHenry, Math and Entrepreneurship, and Matt Morgan, AP U.S. History, were nominated by their peers as Blue Angels' Key Influencers: people who help to shape attitudes and opinions of youth in their community. As part of the honor, this morning they both had the opportunity to fly tandem with the US Navy’s Lieutenant Commander Andre Webb, pilot of the No. 7 Blue Angels F/A – 18 Hornet. Both McHenry and Morgan felt the need…the need for speed!…after donning flight-jumpsuits and undergoing the pre-flight briefing. After strapping in to the five-point safety restraint system and properly fitted with a “Maverick or Goose” semblance helmet and visor, the two teachers each gave a thumbs up as the canopy of the cockpit closed and the supersonic, twin-engines flared loudly. Following the vertical takeoff, a few barrel rolls, a couple hard-banked 2-G turns, a 7-G bank and more than 45 minutes of flight over Tahoe, Carson City and Minden, the two teachers were less than thrilled to admit who lost their lunch and who passed out. The teachers were first nominated by their colleagues as teacher(s) of the month at Carson High School during the 2017-2018 school year. Being selected to fly in a jet with a Blue Angels pilot was, in their words, a chance of a lifetime. “We are fortunate to have teachers like Mr. McHenry and Mr. Morgan,” said Richard Stokes, superintendent for the Carson City School District. “They each provide valuable and dynamic support to both the administrative teams at the High School as well as the students they inspire and help each day.” The high school made the Blue Angels’ Key Influencers announcement to the school in the library Tuesday morning. The flights were offered Wednesday morning at the Minden-Tahoe Airport. The Blue Angels will later deliver a presentation about their “Culture of Excellence” at Carson High School this Friday morning from 8:30-9:15 in the big gym. Below are individual bios of both teachers to outline why they were selected for this honor. Billy McHenry has been teaching and coaching for 27 years. While always dedicated to working in the classroom, he has dedicated thousands of hours outside the classroom as a coach and advisor. He taught 6th grade for four years. He taught high school math for 16 years. He has been teaching Entrepreneurship at the high school for the last 7 years. He was the Carson High School Teacher of the Year for 2007. One reason he received that award was his work with students to help them pass the Math High School Proficiency Exam. He is credited with helping hundreds of students obtain their high school diploma that would not have earned it without his support and instruction in his proficiency math class. For the last 7 years he has been running the business classes at Carson High School. During that time, he has been the Future Business Leaders of America Advisor. He also created, organized, and ran the Carson High Shark Tank Competition. In this competition Carson High School students are required to create a business plan or product and sell it to a panel of community members. This competition has been a huge success and has resulted in Carson High School students competing at the state and national level in business competitions. He has been a football coach for 24 years of the 27 years that he has been teaching. He has coached at all levels and has a reputation as a fiery leader that inspires his players to work hard. Despite the different ability levels of his players, he has made sure that no single player was more important than the team. Players that work hard were given the opportunity to play despite physical limitations. He demands hard work and effort and the players respond to his expectations. Over the last 5 years he has been one of the Alpine Ski coaches at Carson High School. He coached track for 10 years. He has been an advisor for Fellowship of Christian Athletes for 20 years. In 2007, he was the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Coach of the Year. As the Carson High School Entrepreneurship Teacher he strives to bring community business leaders into the classroom, so that his students see what it takes to be successful in business today. He guides and inspires students to create their own business plans. He teaches students about personal finance and helps them create budgets to create fiscally responsible young adults. He has taught students that have gone on to compete at national competitions for Future Business Leaders of America. He is passionate about business and inspires his students to go further than just the classroom. He was selected as the Northern Nevada Junior Achievement Teacher of the Year because of his dedication and ability to inspire youth. He was one of nine teachers out of a staff of more than 100 teachers to earn teacher of the month at Carson High School during the 2017-2018 school year.
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    View From the Booth (Fall 2018 DRAFT) Fall, 2018 Welcome to the autumn edition of the official NHL94.com newsletter. We hope to keep everyone informed of all that is happening in our gaming scene, with a top-down look at events, leagues, forum happenings and Discord chatter. The view from the broadcast booth is often worse than some cheap seats in the arena, but journalists require a sweeping vantage point to see everything that is happening in the game. It seemed a suitable name for a newsletter that hopes to provide a bird's eye view of NHL94 and all of it's retro hockey siblings, so take a minute to get caught up with this edition of View From the Booth . As the 2018-19 NHL season gets underway, the excitement of a new season of hockey is upon us. This can only mean one thing, NHL94Online Fall Classic is almost here! Time to dust off your favorite controller, and pull out your Hamachi/Gens cheatsheets and start practicing. Games can be requested on Discord, in the #exhibition-games chat. If you haven't played in Classic in a while, or are looking to register for the first time - join the Discord chat and introduce yourself [invite link]. The biggest news, of course, is the King of '94 tournament happening in Vancouver, BC October 28th. This is the third KO94 tournament (previously held in Toronto and Las Vegas), and the community couldn't be more excited. There is a large contingent of SNES players on the west coast, and the current SNES champ @Jammer - KO94IIsnes is a local. If Sega is your console of choice, you can also fight to be crowned King against reigning KO94 II champ @angryjay93. Registration is still open, visit www.kingof94.ca to register. Arda Orcal of the MSG Network will once again be tasked with voicing the stream, you can see and hear Arda's call in previous streams from KO94II-Las Vegas, and EdgeWI-Green Bay. This summer saw the creation of a couple of very unique leagues, the Genesis Summer Draft League and the Euro Classic 94 League. The Summer Draft League (aka jjs summer league), ran all summer with no set schedule, and included a double elimination play-off bracket. It was well-attended and well received, with a few suggestions thrown in for next summer. Forum member, and Classic veteran @jmj decided that laggy cross-Atlantic connections didn't need to put a damper on his enjoyment of NHL94 league play. He rounded up players from the "old continent", including players from Finland, France and Taiwan and started the EURO Classic '94 league. With a good core of players, I would be surprised if this type of league didn't continue to grow in future seasons. ONLINE LEAGUES: Fall Classic - The NHL94 Standard, for most this is their first taste of competitive online play. [Register] Et Tu Brute Deuce - currently running, but never a bad idea to follow along or join the waitlist. [Forum thread] Euro94 - currently running, check the standings on NHL94online. [Standings] VHL - hopefully after Classic finishes, keep your eyes on the boards for registration details LIVE EVENTS: Oct 28, 2018 - VANCOUVER, BC [NHL94 Sega/SNES]: King of 94 III another epic showdown of some of the games top players. [Register here | forum thread] Mar 28-31, 2019 - BOSTON, MA [NHL94 Sega]: Annual NHL 94 GENS Tourney at PAX East (Registration requires a PAXEast2019 convention pass) [Register here | forum thread] ROMS/HACKS: NHL 2019 Season - by @The Sauce - updated rosters/ratings/logos/uniforms, 3v3 version in progress. NHL 2019 by @skip and @slapshot67 - updated rosters/ratings/logos/uniforms, WBF (weight-bug fixed), 1 minute penalties. NHL2019 by @naples39 - updated rosters/ratings/logos/uniforms IIHF Legacy 2019 by @skip, @KTup710, and @slapshot67 - updated National Teams, plus legacy teams from previous Olympics, regular and WBF roms for download. 34-team NHL95 rom [GENS] - @kingraph has been hard at work customizing the NHL95 rom to allow for current and future roster updates. A work in progress. ROM Jukebox [GENS] - ROM Jukebox [SNES] - FROM THE STANDS: If you've participated in a live NHL event, see where you rank on the NHL94 World Rankings [forum link] @angryjay93 has posted a series of webisodes to share his knowledge of NHL94, lots of great content here for new players [Youtube videos] Hockey News article Russian tournament TECH TALK: AIM is DEAD, join us on Discord [invite link]. New USB adapter for your original Sega controllers, let us know if you have one to review? [Amazon link] Controllers and set-ups Visit NHL94rocks.com, a website to upload gamesaves and track your NHL94 series results. Credit to @aqualizard and @AtomicRaven for this beauty. Thanks for reading folks, and as usual comments and criticisms are welcomed. If you have an idea for future stories, or links to anything related to the newsletter categories feel free to pass them along. Keep mashing those buttons. Bonus video for those of you who made it this far:
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    Okay, maybe old news by now, but here's a THIRD NHL 2019 rom for the community. All the usuals: -Updated lineups from opening day (best case scenario lineup, with injured players and holdouts in lineup) -Updated uniforms with sprite hack -Player portraits for all NLC starters -Updated center ice logos per frozenfaceoff -Weight bug fix, reduced speed burst effect, smoz 3 star formula Perhaps what separates this rom from others is that I really try to maintain the player ratings spread from the original rom. That means 3rd line players rated in the 60s, 4th liners in the 50s. Any defensemen that breaks 60 OVR is a solid defenseman (the average dman OVR rating in the original rom is about 50). See for yourself: Comments and corrections are appreciated! EDIT: Quick re-up with some goalie fixes and updates NHL 2019 by naples39.bin
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    UPDATED ROM Et_Tu_Brute_S02_beta_09.bin
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    Thanks Coach! Credit for the Oilers logo goes to @DaDonch44! I grabbed it from GDL05 ROM per @IceStorm70's request. I will update Brad Park's picture. It's funny, I had to grab about 50 old timers and I had a feeling I was going to mess them up because I have no idea how about 40 of these guys look! If you have the pic handy, just attach it here, if not I'll create a new one.
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    This is the exciting news we’ve been holding on to and can finally announce this today. Very excited and congrats to @angryjay93!!
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    Me neither. There are a few shirts I like, but a lot are not really wearable (I'm not walking around with a shirt saying "violent gentlemen" on it), so hopefully they bring the Wayne's World T's! Maybe I should be calling it "Wyan's World" instead :). I was wondering if they had some license for those shirts..
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    Late to the party but congrats Coach!
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    I have been selected as the Nevada Teacher who will fly with the Blue Angels! Next Wednesday October 10!
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    That rom is a beauty @kingraph especially love the Oilers Oil drop logo! One old timer mistake. Brad Park's picture is of his stay at home partner Arnie Brown. I probably gave you the wrong location.
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    The two Wayne's World ones are by far my favourites (that one and the Garth one)
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    Awesome write-up, congrats @CoachMac
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    Congrats Coach! Hope it was awesome (and not just terrifying)! Sounds like you earned your spot! Well done.
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    Just got word that I'll be on air with them the friday before the tournament! Super excited about this!
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    the Blue Angels are f*cking badass. They do the craziest things I've ever seen planes do (at spitting distances from one another). Those pilots have the biggest balls (and most skill) of anyone on earth IMO. They're the cream of the crop. Used to come around my area every other year and for the air show. One year, due to some reason related to $, they didn't come and some other group of fighter pilots that (that do tricks) came instead. It was a big disappoinment as they didn't or couldn't any of the insane maneuvers/routines the blue angels do. Looks like the thrill of a lifetime (and it's rare that the average person gets a chance to experience it). Lucky bastard!!!! ........................ PS, the person who put that music to that video should be shot.
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    Hi Everyone! The new hockey season is officially here!!! With it, comes a bunch of new ROMs. As I did a "pre-season" version, I am now excited to present my official 2019 season ROM!!! Here’s what you need to know: *Link for the ROM is below the in-game images. *There are over 100 new players in this ROM vs my 2018 ROM. Many of them are rookies. *I created a new structure for all teams. Each team has 3 goalies, 14 forwards and 8 defensemen for you to choose from prior to a game. *This ROM is a “healthy/best case scenario” ROM. That means, most injured players (Shea Weber, Ryan Kesler, Seth Jones, Corey Perry, Mike Green, Torey Krug, Corey Crawford, Alex Galchenyuk, Cory Schneider, Dustin Brown, JG Pageau, etc.) are in the line-ups. I prefer it that way as it is more fun to play. Also, RFA “hold outs” like William Nylander and Nick Ritchie are in the line-ups. Kinda figure that they will stop being greedy and sitting at home before long. *Suspended players (Tom Wilson, Nate Schmidt, Austin Watson and Robert Bortuzzo) are in the line-ups. *LTIR players like Henrik Zetterberg (who has essentially retired) and Marian Gaborik (who may retire due to back surgery) are not in this ROM. I was going to include Patrick Eaves but left him out for now as his return is unknown and I needed his spot for a rookie. *Almost all opening night players made this ROM with the exception of approximately 10 players. I just couldn’t fit them given the 3/14/8 structure in bullet 3 (above). That said, I tried to include the guys that I felt most folks would want included. Unfortunately, as I would have liked to include them, I had to leave out Barrett Hayton and Isac Lundstrom but both are rumored to not stay on the rosters for long (as they are up due to injuries). *Many of the line combinations and D pairings come from preseason and will be used on opening night. In some cases, they are what was/is projected when a healthy player returns. Feel free to change them if you want something different. *Jersey number have been updated for all players as of 10/2. This, of course, is subject to change. *31 NHL Teams. The “WPG freeze bug” still exists. *32nd team is a 2019 Prospects team (featuring Jack Hughes). *Kenny Albert has replaced Mike “Doc” Emrick as the new “Ron Barr”. Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated! If you catch any mistakes/errors, please let me know. Cheers! -The Sauce NHL94 2019 ROM v1.zip
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    This LONG-time lurker had something to post, but forgets what it was. It was probably something related to the Super Nintendo or ROMs for emulators of it. Anyway, "hi, everybody!" edited in: I remembered what I wanted to ask. I touched my tongue to that third rail! Wish me luck?
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    Hi Everyone! So, like last season, I took my recently released NHL94 2019 ROM and converted it to 3-on-3 play. The biggest change/update is that Team #32 is now the fictional skaters/team from the movie Mystery, Alaska. Because, in the movie, the team only had 11 players, I added an extra forward (Scott Gomez) and an extra Dman (Matt Carle). Both Gomez and Carle are no longer in the NHL but both are from Alaska like Brandon Dubinsky and Nate Thompson (who are still active). The arena that I assigned to them is the one that was used by the Alaska Aces before they moved to Portland. Other notable differences between this and my 5v5 rom include: * When playing with line changes, the CPU gets the lines wrong. The CPU treats the CHK line as the #1 scoring line. The #1 scoring line is treated like the second scoring line. And, in turn, the 2nd scoring line is treated as a checking line. That said, I re-ordered them in NOSE. The CHK line will default to start each game that is simmed (as several folks like to sim games) but, it will contain the #1 players (Crosby, McDavid, Ovechkin, Doughty, E. Karlsson, etc.). Keep this in mind whether you do auto or manual line changes. If you are player 1, it defaults starts scoring line 1. If your opponent is the CPU, you default start with scoring line 1 and the CPU default starts with the CHK line. If you are playing head to head, both you and your opponent will default start with scoring line 1. If you use NLC, it's a non-issue as that will default the NLC line. * The PP lines will have 4 skaters to have a man advantage. If your team gets two men in the penalty box, unfortunately, it will be a 4-on-2. Can't do anything about that...the good news is, penalties, in this ROM, are only a minute in length (unlike the normal 2:00 length used in my 5-on-5 ROM). * Line combos/pairings are "best guess" in most cases as the 2018-19 season is just getting underway. * By default, offsides is turned off. Feel free to turn it back on if you like... KNOWN BUGS: * Player portraits can only be viewed in the main team selection screen. In any other screen/view, if you allow the portraits to cycle, it will eventually freeze the game. * The “Winnipeg Freeze Bug" known to all 32 team roms. If you catch anything errors or mistakes, please feel free to share with me. I welcome any feedback! Cheers! NHL94 2019 3on3 v1.zip
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    Hey bud... sorry I wasn't able to assist/advise as we went back and forth in PM. Hopefully, you'll get the answer soon.
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    6.1 Tex gets Kevin "hookers and blow" Stevens 6.2 Lupz picks Don Raleigh 6.3 AJ gets Gord Murphy 6.4 Ice gets Eric Desjardins 6.5 Flat gets Cliff Ronning 6.6 Skip picks Bernie Geoffrion 6.7 Jer selects Steve Chiasson 6.8 AtomicRaven takes Alexei Zhamnov 6.9 chef picks Trevor Linden 6.10 MG22 gets Brandon Shanaban 6.11 Tex gets Tim Cheveldae 6.12 Spaceghost takes Stephane Richer 6.13 Ice takes Curtis Joseph 6.14 Aqua takes Wendel Clark 6.15 dc takes Steve Duchesne 6.16 chaos takes Dale Hawerchuk 6.17 Brutus selects John Bucyk 6.18 Zep selects Carl Brewer 6.19 AJ selects A. Moog 6.20 Brutus selects U. Krupp 6.21 J&J goes Fetisov