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  1. bergieandfries

    NHL 94 Fighting

    Hello Everyone, After seeing many of these amazing ROM hacks you guys have created, a thought popped into my head the other day regarding the lack of fighting in NHL 94. Now from my ignorant POV it seems that NHLPA 93 and NHL 94 are not all that different. Again, I'm a non-programmer so the code could be COMPLETELY different. Could it be possible that fighting could be introduced into NHL 94 via a ROM hack by 'copying' the fighting code from NHLPA 93? Why not just play NHLPA 93 if I want fighting in the game? Well it would be great if NHL 94's one-timer feature to be included. I understand the fighting feature may change the whole game play of NHL 94 but I don't know, it's just an idea. What do you guys think? This is my first post. I've been playing NHL 94 for years and found this site a few years back. It's really cool! -Chris