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  1. The solution we landed on (mostly through your genius ) corrupts the playoff data. We could turn off player cards for the whole team, but not sure the game would be as fun without them.
  2. So happy to see this come to fruition. Awesome stuff, fellow New Hampshirite.
  3. Honestly, what you’ve found helps. Now to try to track the location pointers.
  4. It's also pretty interesting to see how the game stores off-screen assets, with the fans and other rink tiles spilling over onto the screen if aspect ratio is bumped up. That shouldn't be an impossible fix if we can find out where the game writes in those locations, since we could tell it to just go further out but 10 columns to fix the actual play screen itself. For the screens that don't show up, I've got no f*****g idea what I'd need to do, and would probably need one of the super geniuses here to help me out. I honestly haven't played or hacked in what feels like forever, so I'm probably not going to be much help, just figured I'd share what I found.
  5. Not sure how many of you have seen this, but it pretty much lays the groundwork for communities like ours to figure out how to get games running in as wide of an aspect ratio as we so choose. There's been some pretty great results so far in other games, and I have no doubt that we could all get things running smoothly if we wanted to over here. I tested the feature myself, and it looks pretty good when it is working correctly, but the main problem is that it's not exactly reliable. Here's what the rink looks like. It's pretty beautiful if I do say so myself. Shows up normally, and in 16:9 - EA Sports and High Score Productions Splash Screen Shows up , but has issues - Rink (fan assets on top of ice) - Pause Menu (similar to rink) - Title Screen (off-center, missing pieces) Doesn't show up, may cause other issues - Main Menu - Ron Barr - Edit Lines and other in-game menus (causes some on-screen shifting after the fact as well) - Playoff Bracket Glitch list updated 7/2/21
  6. This entire thread is a masterclass in hacking.
  7. No problem. Maybe at some point we'll have an appendix of every possible way to play NHL 94... and there'll be a race to do them all.
  8. That could work, but most people I know use the forwarders for the menu icons, and the convenience. It's a lot easier to put a shortcut to a document on your desktop than it is to open word and track it down every time, you know what I mean?
  9. Added it to a unique thread for organizational purposes.
  10. I've seen a few threads recently about handheld emulation, and both times it was focused on the original DS family. Emulation on those consoles is definitely much more well documented and cheaper, so if you're looking for ease or something low cost, it's a great option, but for anyone who wants the 3DS library or a bit more of a premium experience, I'd recommend springing for the 3DS. I'll stop soapboxing about how great of a console it is and get to the main point: playing NHL on the console. 1. You will need a homebrewed console, preferably one of the "new" models for speed purposes. If you need to homebrew your 3DS, follow this guide here. 2. After you homebrew the console, I'd recommend installing RetroArch, which LibRetro outlines how to do in this YouTube video. This is important just to make sure any cores the game needs are on the console, since sometimes the .cia files (how the console reads games) function as forwarders to RetroArch instead of an independent app. 3. Rinse, and repeat Step 2 with the .cia of your choice, found right here. NHL 94 (Genesis).cia NHL 94 (SNES).cia For now, only the original games are on this thread. If you'd like to make your own injections of other ROMs, use this link for SNES, and this link for GENS. If you have any questions, please let me know in the thread.
  11. It's a bit different, but still worth while for the expansive library!
  12. I'll add to this thread: if anyone here has a 3DS, I have a few pre-made .cias I can send over for your homebrewing pleasure.
  13. Really happy to see you're still making these ROMs! Selanne and Forsberg have been two of my favorites since I was little, so I'll definitely take a look at this one later today!
  14. Love the SNES controller style design on those. Probably a bit easier to set up, and also more practical if you're not looking to play DS-era or later stuff.
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