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  1. Wow. Just wow. Do you have an .xml file for the locatons of different graphics in the game? I'd love to take a stab at editing it myself.
  2. That's tough, maybe Palat over Purcell? Similar numbers in their best seasons, but Palat wears the A, was a solid part of every extended run Tampa has had. Still looks awesome man!
  3. Question: is Palat going to be on Tampa but out of the line up? Just curious since he's under extras. Would be fun to roll the Triplets line again!
  4. Tampa fan here: would love to see Ruslan Fedetenko simply because of his stature in the 2004 Cup Run, and of course, NHL '94 appearing player, and our first star, Brian Bradley!3
  5. Slapshot is releasing a sequel/update, have you seen that? Hopefully it’s good.
  6. Rereading, I wasn’t very clear. I’m moving in the fall for school, so I won’t have Ethernet. I’d rather not leave it to chance with wireless, so I’m officially out for this league.
  7. Others worth noting: the NHL's own Rinksters, an attempt at copying NFL Rush Zone that lasted only a short while. There was also Upper Deck U, where you could crack open hockey cards to earn rewards, and hang out in a community with all 4 major North American sports. was also pretty big in Europe. I think there's some sort of sim league too, more so an MMORPG than a competitive MMO.
  8. I have to withdraw from whatever league I am being placed in. Unsure that I will have a wired connection this fall, and would rather not risk it. I will be able to close out Summer Salary Cap league, but just don't think I'll be able to plug in (literally) for the entirety of the classic season.
  9. I'll C myself down to the bottom division.
  10. I can neither confirm or deny these allegations
  11. Sorry, we've already started. Do you want to hop on the waitlist?
  12. We were planning on going with line changes since it made things a bit more fresh, but I'll poll the group signed up so far to see how people would feel about turning them off. Edit: Board of Govs met, they've been turned off. You're in.
  13. Doesn't seem like they're in this rom. Do you have a second choice on the list in the first post, and that isn't taken?
  14. Hi all, I've updated forum with first 12 hours of so of sign-ups, hopefully we get some more so we can set a cap at nice power of 2, so no one gets a bye. In the mean time, please download this version of the ROM for the tournament. The only difference is that OT is 100 minutes as opposed to 20, the menu is set to our default settings mentioned in the first post, and 3 Stars formula is updated for line changes. If you haven't played online much before, I'd be happy to help some people set up tonight, but frankly I can't teach you anything the tutorials here can't already. Please download the tournament version of the ROM so things can run smoothly once we get started, attached here: 2020 Frozen Four Tournament.bin
  15. That sounds like an important piece that someone who is running on 6 hours of sleep like myself might’ve forgotten . Just comment your team of choice, and for people I haven’t interacted with on Discord, comment your handle there as well so I can find you!