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  1. Love the SNES controller style design on those. Probably a bit easier to set up, and also more practical if you're not looking to play DS-era or later stuff.
  2. A New Model 3DS/2DS/3DSXL is quite possibly the greatest emulation device you can get your hands on right now. The entire 3DS, DS, GBA, SNES, NES, Genesis, Gameboy libraries in your pocket. Does alright with N64 and PS1, both are currently in the experimental stage as far as I know though. The older model can play most of the above games and is cheaper, just won't run as quickly.
  3. Isn't 95 the year that they added different "variants" through practice mode? EDIT: There is. Go through practice mode, and it should be there. Haven't touched it in a while, so can't give exact instructions.
  4. Send me a Discord message, and I might be able to help.
  5. This is probably my favorite project on this site. The rankings are awesome. We've gotta get this over to Genesis so I can play it on my Everdrive!
  6. Delete this so I can win the auction!
  7. It's a separate game and license. It's not like NHL 14 or NHL 06 where it's built in, you either have to have pre-ordered, own EA Play, or have bought the game separately. I'd recommend just playing Sauce's update ROM anyways though
  8. I think you're thinking of '93, which yes, totally is blown out of the water by 95 (and 94).
  9. EA NFL games peaked with NFL Street and haven't come close since. Too busy taking bribes from EA Tiburon to make a good game.
  10. If the reboot is any good, I might do something else with this. Sort of in the air though.
  11. That's quite odd. I really only use the ROMs with this fix on my computer or arcade stand, so it's either short play sessions or I grab save states, so it's nice to have some additional information. Someone smarter than me will have to investigate.
  12. Love to see people using the outdoor template. Nice work!
  13. The only thing communist about EA Sports is the fact they don't innovate whatsoever
  14. Sounds like fun, feel free to share here. Did you use the line change hack to make the edit lines screen work? I can do that for you at some point in the next few days if you’d like. I’m gonna do a full 3 v 3 style ROM for my roller hockey project come warmer times (thinking something NHL Street), but I have a few things to get done prior to that.