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  1. This does not link to anything Minnesota.
  2. I like Carolina in both. But if every other team is as accurate as possible, I would lean black. Just spitballing though - this is an anniversary year for Carolina, so maybe could use the 25th anniversary logo at center since it has barely any white? But then again, the red jersey is for the 25th anniversary… decisions decisions.
  3. Not going to try and debate you, but will add that 94 does not have fighting. 93 does though, so if you’ve been playing 93 instead of 94, come try 94 since it’s amazing!
  4. Hey all, Just wanted to share an update on the scope of this project (mostly for my own gain/to track progress). First, I have decided to revamp the branding to get away from the ESPN+ imagery. There was some serious East Coast bias in that decision given only 2 conferences are on the service. Second, I am changing the pre-game experience to be a bit more true to college hockey and cohesive with the NCAA branding. Colby Cohen takes over as the color commentator given he's the only Frozen Four broadcaster who played D-I, and team rankings appear. Drezz's background hacks appear on both pre-game screens. This is a screenshot of the rough draft of this stage of the game, and I am very excited with how the final looks. Third, the rink and arena tile layout has been updated to feature a more realistic atmosphere. Ice logos are as authentic as possible, and fan colors are now "dynamic" based on the home team's color palette. The signs are also going to be on the bottom of the glass as to match actual NCAA rinks. I hope to publish the podded update where you can see all of the changes in action within the next few weeks, these large scale changes take a lot of time but they are necessary to create a ROM worthy of the amazing league that is D1 NCAA Hockey.
  5. I was a DS-generation kid, but was late to the party because I wasn’t really old enough to play until near the end of its life cycle. I remember we could only get BYH in DS on eBay, which I thought was way bigger of a deal than it was! Was elated when I got it for Christmas when I was 9 or so.
  6. In absolutely no particular order… Von Ozbourme’a World Championship series AdamCatalyst’s updates DeterminedApathy’s IHL ROM Coach Mac, Naples, and Slapshot’s Deadline ROMs JKline’s original run of CHL/KHL/USHL/NCAA ROMs KidsWasted’s GOAT Players ROM For stuff I made, which by no means compares to the works above… My NCAA set, especially with expanded teams Champion Edition (best teams) Pond Hockey
  7. 1. New York Rangers 2. Bo Horvat to Boston or Washington 3. Tampa’s space is maxed out, so likely nothing will. Maybe a good depth forechecker? Always worked before.
  8. His contract is not up for a long time, so if he did it would be quite the haul considering his upside as a goal scorer, age, and time locked down.
  9. Hey all, Working on a roster update for this project and I will also be touching up some visuals while I'm at it. Looking to have this done before the rivalry weekend at the end of January (BU v BC AND Cornell v Harvard, yes!) I will also be making a name change to the project as to avoid confusion with ECH's College Hockey Gameday.
  10. It seems like EA viewed the project as a one time thing and won’t be updating the rosters anymore, let alone adding in DLC. Depending on what kind of PC/smartphone you have, a few people here have hacks with the 1994 season if you are able to run them.
  11. Yes! I said it with your 2022 release as well - but this is the closest we will ever get to a remaster because of how perfectly fine tuned everything is. Amazing work!
  12. It's on its own post in the Genesis ROMs part of the forum.
  13. Coach Mac did that a while back, it’s really good!
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