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  1. This is a cool project - do you have any lore on the league to share? The aesthetic of the ROM is really cool, I just wish I knew which teams/players/etc have particular playstyles or whatever.
  2. Posting the projects I want to get done this summer here, so I can pretend there's some sort of accountability for them" - Polish my NHL Pond Hockey game, and release a new version with non-current NHL rosters - Make the "NHL Street" companion game I was planning out a while ago - Maybe an NHL Jam sequel? We'll see! Last summer before I have to go out and fully join the adult world, so in the words of Mr. Incredible... I've got time.
  3. I'm all in on the Edmonton bandwagon. Play La Bamba baby!
  4. Just tried this out again yesterday before the Battle of Florida. Awesome work.
  5. Hey all, Just posting this new mod here, figured it would be of some interest to the greater community. Similar to College Football Revamp or March Madness Legacy, some modders discontent with the current NHL games have taken charge editing NHL Legacy Edition to have modern rosters, uniforms, and better gameplay through RPCS3. The project is in an infant stage right now, but they're making great headway on Discord: https://discord.gg/Dqx5QaUs NHL 14/15/LE are sort of my generation's NHL 94 (aside from those of us who, you know, went back and played NHL 94), so hopefully it'll gain more traction as PS3 modding and emulation become better and better in the coming years.
  6. I usually pass on rogues aside from rare exceptions (Into The Breach being one), but this is a must try for me since I saw some marketing a few months back. Just finished the PC build, so now it's time to try this thing. Thanks for sharing!
  7. On Xbox One Consoles, you could install a "virtual dev kit". From there, Retroarch could be installed. I haven't tried this on my next gen consoles yet, but I would look at that part of Microsoft's web site. I was like $20 for a license, and if you're into developing games you could import you own indie titles.
  8. @kidswasted and @UltraMagnus for ROMs not qualified to vote anywhere else
  9. Nice to see an old project get remastered in a sense! And happy @jmastert finally gets to play his dream game
  10. I would click that link, but I'm worried Shigeru Miyamoto and Doug Bowser will be at my house within the hour to serve me with a cease and desist.
  11. Man... this is some sick s**t. Probably don't have the time to play, but if registration stalls late and you need more, I might be around.
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