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  1. When you finish the large goal, let me know!
  2. Not to resurrect an old thread, but you are a life saver.
  3. Love this use of the extra team!
  4. seamor

    3 on 3 Arena

    I've had this ROM finished and sitting in my GENS folder for a while, but while playing it today decided to go ahead and post it. This ROM is the reason I looked into getting rid of penalty shots, and so far I've been able to figure out a few key RAM offsets much thanks to @smozoma and @Tony H's tutorials. The premise of the ROM is that it's 3 on 3, but all the teams are even; but not in the sense that 2 on 2 is where every player is the same, but the teams take from the same player pool. The players are mostly ripped from the EASHL mode on modern NHL games, as the current system allows you and your teammates to select player builds to create the best synergy. In order to rate these players as accurately as possible, the 0-15 scale is applied. Features: Aforementioned 0-15 rating scale Complete line editing capabilities, both on and off (courteousy of @The Sauce) - Anyone can play ANY position 5 completely equal teams, named after and borrowing graphics from the 2005 WHA reboot, and 1 super team (for solo play). Weight Bug Fix (certain player builds would become useless without it) This hack is much more boring than the previous Mighty Ducks Rom (which is still incomplete, was waiting on rosters from TheQuackAttack podcast, I'll bug them again for them), but I think there's some potential for some neat things with 3 on 3. The original concept for this ROM was to include all-star teams, historic teams, and teams from movies (which lead to the Mighty Ducks ROM), and I still plan to do that at some point.\ Without further a due, here's the download. 3on3Final.bin
  5. I'll try to make some more progress on this in the coming days. Some stuff came up for I didn't do much over the past week.
  6. ABBREVIATED VERSION OF HOOK LOG OF RAM ADDRESS "FFC2F6" - Presumably the RAM address where breakaway data is stored MEMORY ACCESS LOGGING STARTED [00:E6F8] W08 = 00 [FFC2F6] (puck in my defensive zone, moving towards opposing blue line) --------------------------------------------------------------- [0F:6F20] W08 = 80 [FFC2F6] (immediate switch to this pattern of segments of 3 giving off the following sequence not every other) [00:DDC8] W08 = 84 [FFC2F6] [00:E6F8] W08 = 80 [FFC2F6] --------------------------------------------------------------- [00:E6F8] W08 = 80 [FFC2F6] (not sure what caused the switch to all 80s, I think it might have been after shooting, but before opposing team got possession) [00:E6F8] W08 = 80 [FFC2F6] [00:C278] W08 = 80 [FFC2F6] (look at these two rom addresses, unlike any other in the whole sequence) [00:C522] W08 = 80 [FFC2F6] (all 80s with these 3 rom addresses until the last two) --------------------------------------------------------------- [00:E6F8] W08 = 80 [FFC2F6] [00:E6F8] W08 = 80 [FFC2F6] [00:E6F8] W08 = 80 [FFC2F6] --------------------------------------------------------------- [00:E6F8] W08 = 00 [FFC2F6] (after breakaway "ends") [01:2C16] W08 = 00 [FFC2F6] MEMORY ACCESS LOGGING STOPPED COMPLETE VERSION: breakaway flag.txt
  7. @brianski71 I'll add that to the eventual update! Thanks for noticing!
  8. Almost always on weekend nights from usually 6 PM-1AM EST Middle of week is tough, if I'm online it's from 7-10. Hope to get some games against everyone at some point
  9. Very good news: I was able to get in touch with the kind people over at the QuackAttack Podcast, and they offered to give the names of the players on the main rival teams. I've already updated the Hawks roster, waiting on Iceland and Eden Hall. First update should be out next weekend, might have player cards, depends how much time I have.
  10. Thanks! That’d be a lot of fun, we could throw in some other movies such a Goon, Youngblood, and so on. And thank you, I tried to make it as close to the movie cover with the logo being off center. That first one I’d definitely like to put in, since that’s a lot better than the 30 Team rom player cards (I think Adam Banks shows up as a goalie?) I tried to find an in between the white and the blue, but I’m not exactly in love with it so I’ll change it since it seems not everyone likes it too too much either. The USA-Iceland matchup is the hardest to tell apart IMO, maybe it’d be cool to put the Anaheim jersey as their away so it’d be like in the movie?
  11. I think for every hockey fan and player alike, the Mighty Ducks have a special place in your heart. The movie is pretty outlandish from a hockey perspective (players switching uniforms, no offsides called on the Flying V, it goes on and on), but it's a staple of hockey in pop culture. When I found all the great tools for hacking the game on this forum, I wanted to take a stab at it, and I felt this was a great place to start. The ROM features: 6 Playable Teams (Ducks, Hawks, Team USA, Team Iceland, Eden Hall JV/Ducks, Eden Hall Varsity/Warriors) Updated graphics to fit the movie 15 scale stats Weight Bug Fixed I plan to add Playoff mode (3 selectable teams, Ducks, USA, JV, and you play through the general story of the movie) More playable teams Player cards Blue ice Any bug fixes along the way Special thanks to WBoy's 30 Team Rom, TM Ref Screenshots, and NOSE Smozoma's various guides and programs CoachMac's steps to making a rom Clockwise or Swos’ sprite patch, love that extra liberty while making uniforms. Kingraph for answer a graphics editing question SabreFan1's Banner font Production Notes Hawks players except for the 2 names that appeared in actual roles are just named after scientific names for hawks Iceland players except Gunner Stahl named after Norse Gods Eden Hall players named using a random name generator DOWNLOAD HERE: MightyDucks1.0.bin I attached some screenshots below, hope you enjoy!
  12. I've gotten it to work on classic and 30-team, I don't think the hex offsets got pushed around at all on those. Maybe they did on the 32, but its still worth a shot IMO
  13. 3 on 3 is a lot more fun to play than 5 on 5 in a casual setting. Less crowded, so more puck movement. This forum linked below should run over how to set up a rom for line editing on 2on2/3on3, it's pretty simple, I've been able to do it using HxD hex editor for 2on2 an 3on3.