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  1. I love the pregame intros in '93. There's gotta be a way to get them into '94 somehow.
  2. I just spent 10 hours editing the rink yesterday... I may be able to help
  3. v1.2 posted! Thanks to @CoachMac for acting as a beta tester of sorts and giving me some amazing feedback. As of a result, the following changes have been made: A few small line-up and ratings tweaks, while still maintaining "best case scenario" style lines. Player cards updated accordingly. Every team before 1979 now is helmet-less. This should help to make the on-ice experience a bit more fun. There's now no distinction between defensemen and forwards. Anyone can play anywhere! The Winnipeg Freeze Fix that @Sauce dug up is now the one in the game, which means the
  4. Thanks! I’ll definitely make some adjustments for a v1.2, no reason not to have it be a living breathing thing. And for the team choices, a good amount of it was driven by regular season since as a Lightning fan, that’s all I had to cling to after 2019 . Balancing also also a big part of team choices, so unless it was the absolute only way to fit in a team (see ‘84 Nordiques, ‘06 Ottawa, ‘07 Sharks), I avoided doubling up on years as much as I could, which (along with the aforementioned strong regular season) is why I went with the ‘80 Sabres over ‘75, which already had Philly. I’ll
  5. Updated with fix for Brett Hull's number, Adam Graves' player card fixed, and longer time for penalty shots. Also, game will occasionally crash after playing an exhibition game.
  6. NHL 94 Champion Edition v1.2.bin v.1.1 posted 11/30/20, removed 12/1/20, 21 downloads. v1.0 posted 11/30/20, removed same day, 11 downloads. Features 32 Teams, representing some of the best eras of each franchise. Every franchise except for CBJ, FLA, NSH, VGK (and technically WPG/ATL I guess) appears at least once. Not every team won a cup, but those who did received an overall boost, and special flair at center ice! I tried to limit it to one team per era, so while yes, the Oilers probably have 3 of the Top 10 teams ever from their run in the 80s, I on
  7. EDIT: No longer asking "what's the solution?", instead saying what it is. The music table for the 32 Team ROM is located at 5490. Edits the same exact way as the others.
  8. EDIT: @Sauce has shared a solution that was deep within the depths of another thread, also found by Smozoma, just below this post. It's much better, and doesn't double up on the player names. Basically, if you'd like to keep the player records, which already are broken for the most part in 32-team ROMs, use this one. If you'd rather the names only appear once, use his! Let me just start this off by saying 99.99999% of the credit here goes to @smozoma. All I'm doing is sharing the code! If you'd like to prevent the freeze on Team 31 and 32, follow as so: Find offset F8ABO, and ch
  9. Holy hell, that title screen is amazing.
  10. Are you putting in the Letterkenny Irish???
  11. So Roughness in NHL 94, as far as I know and most ROM hackers treat it, controls pass/shot bias. Lower = more passes (Adam Oates has 0), and higher = more shots (Mike Gartner has 5). I have no idea about the aggression going over 6, I haven't seen it in the original game yet though.
  12. Do it before Friday so you can namedrop the tournament. What's a lifetime of paycheck garnishment because of child support compared to the thrill of winning an even bigger tournament?
  13. I was 11 when I signed up in 2013, so I might have you beat in the long game.