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  1. For the record, i attempted to make my pick about 2 hours ago using my password. My pick was denied-it said that it was habs' turn to pick and hokk, your avatar is not nearly as hot as habs avatar
  2. #1 LW-Savard C-Feds RW-Nolan(change to Todd) LD-Patrick RD-Lumme X-Nolan G-Casey #2 LW-Todd(change to nolan) C-Carpenter RW-Sweeney LD-Kasatonov RD-Smehlik G-Waite
  3. long-winded explanation=BULLSHIT IMO, you can't be a hard ass with one dude and mr. understanding with another- in the same league!
  4. Because he thought he could have some people by the balls and get the players he wanted, but his grand plans backfired
  5. Wsh Brings home Bob Carpenter
  6. Wsh Kevin Todd before he gets stolen
  7. Jrod trades Paul "don't call me Steve" Ysebaert to Vocal for Owen "Rollin" Nolan
  8. 6.3 Wsh Select James "hot and cold" Patrick
  9. WSH selects "Beef" Jyrki Lumme
  10. Paul Ysebaert you b***h ass mother fuckers
  11. 3.22-WSH Jon Casey, you bitches
  12. LOL @ hokk hounding AJ for his pic just so he could bust on him
  13. Wsh-2.3-Cliff Ronning s**t thanks hokk-Denis Savard
  14. Thought i already posted here, but sign me up!!!! "A" please
  15. I would like the opportunity to bust up mutha fuckers with some heavy ass d-men
  16. I'll take old skool Washington or Boston or NJ
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