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  1. Does EA even release titles on Nintendo these days? I was a lieutenant colonel from in the first console wars, but I've been out of the loop for a while.

    I feel like the 30th anniversary would probably be our best shot to get EA to do this. I think we are far better off, as a community, rebuilding the game ourselves with a team of competent developers that respect and love the era in which this game was created.

  2. 4 minutes ago, I got the puck said:

    The Avengers? can't talk the end of the world without involving Marvel superheroes right?

    They are in there and so are the DC super heroes... Considering doing the villains but be hard to represent them on the ice. It's easy for a team like the Lizard People (green faces) etc.

    2 hours ago, smozoma said:


    Leeroy Jenkins, Badluck Brian, Charlie Bitefinger, Scumbag Steve, Hidepain Harold..


  3. 32 minutes ago, Asher413 said:

    B-List actors?  Or movie characters who all die early in the movie?

    Famous generals from history?

    The Washington generals?  (Or worse on the same thread, the Charlestown Super-Chiefs- it's a train!)

    B-list actors is in consideration.

    Also considering the Food Truck Hipsters... Not really sure how to do the UNIS. 

    Only a couple spots left. I'll be check marking the locked-in teams sometime this weekend.


  4. This is a half baked ROM hack from 10 years ago that I never finished but was considering completing it little by little as my last project ever. 

    The concept is this: the fate of the world depends on winning the Stanley Cup... Plot is a little thin, but it's a work in progress

    Here are the teams so far:

    1. Wu-Tang Clan 
    2. Predators (invisible skaters)
    3. Jeremy Roenick (with no goalie / empty net)
    4. Middle Earth Lizard People
    5. WWF
    6. Marvel Super Heroes
    7. DC Super Heroes
    8. Cosa Nostra
    9. Chicago Gangsters
    10. Tech Support
    11. San Quentin, Death-Row Fugitives (from old 2on2, league rom)
    12. MemeStars
    13. West Coast Billionaires
    14. NHL'94 All-Stars
    15. The Warriors 
    16. Storm Troopers
    17. Retirement Home Seniors
    18. Hades Undead Skeletons
    19. Vaticans
    20. Woodstock Hippies
    21. Japan Yakuza
    22. Bloods
    23. Crips
    24. Russian Mafia
    25. Shaolin Monks
    26. Ninjas 
    27. Democrats
    28. Republicans
    29. Pimps
    30. B-Listers
    31. Phantoms
    32. Russian All-Stars

    Open to any suggestions. The crazier the better. Maybe we can squeeze in a Mutant League Hockey Team.

    Bolded = confirmed teams

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