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    Routing for the Florida Panthers<br />Playing NHL 94 for SNES or any system<br />Playing NHL 95 for PC<br />Playing NHL 96 for PC<br />Managing my Fantasy Football & Fantasy Hockey teams

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  1. Screw you! I love Florida! Lol j/k. Can someone help me get sound out of game? I can play it fine, but I can't get any sound.
  2. I don't know if you guys can help me, but if you can, could you please? I used this thing called "Program Compatibility Wizard," and it still does work just fine on XP. Gameplay works, everything else works, except I cannot get any sound out of it. When you install it, there are 6 different options for sound, and I've tried installing each options, but I can't get sound out of any of them. Some help here please? I'm not really sure what to do here. Thx!
  3. I'm terribly sorry guys. I'm gonna have to leave. I have tryouts tomorrow 7:45-8:45. I'm afraid I cannot be there for the draft.
  4. Mine too. Florida's gonna have a breakout year!
  5. Hey guys, I just won the Cup, and I'll have photos and stats in a few days, but tell me what ya think of this background. Starters of the 96 Panthers. Panthers_background.bmp
  6. Oh yeah, I assume we're doing this online, right? And if so, what site?
  7. danglesaucemusta@yahoo.com. And by the way, is that 8:00 PM or AM? Thx.
  8. Lol theres 2 #24's if you didn't notice. Nice work though anyway. If possible, could you post the Panthers' roster? Thx.
  9. danglesaucemusta


    Yeah, DOSBox should do the trick, otherwise try "Program Compatibility Wizard." I know man, PC is the bomb for both 95 & 96. I use the Compatibility Wizard, although many people I know use DOSBox.
  10. Hey guys. In game 4, I was leading the series 3-0. I was leading the game 2-1 with about a minute to go. Robby Zamuner fired a one-timer that was stopped by the Beezer. Then Brian Bradley throws a pass to an errant point and it banks off the boards and into an empty net ! Beezer got credit for the goal and I won 3-1 and the series 4-0 to advance to the next round to play Montreal.
  11. Hey man, I'd love to. I just need to know the date and the time to make sure I don't have any plans. Plz respond quick .
  12. Hey guys, I'm really excited because I just finished my 84th game of the season. I posted an 82-0-2 record for 166 points and the Presidents' Trophy. I'm also excited cause I get to play the Lightning in the quarterfinals, so it's gonna be the "Battle of the Sunshine State." Here are the stats for my regular season: # Player Name GP G A PTS 17 Mike Foligno 84 61 63 124 26 Jesse Belanger 84 46 49 95 44 Rob Niedermayer 84 26 51 77 27 Scott Mellanby 84 24 48 72 19 Andrei Lomakin 84 18 39 57 22 Bob Kudelski 84 24 30 54 14 Stu Barnes 84 25 28 53 20 Brian Skrudland 83 19 24 43 5 Gord Murphy 84 9 28 37 18 Mike Hough 84 10 21 31 24 Brent Severyn 84 9 20 29 21 Tom Fitzgerald 67 14 14 28 3 Paul Laus 84 4 21 25 7 Brian Benning 84 8 16 24 25 Geoff Smith 70 6 17 23 10 Dave Lowry 82 10 11 21 11 Bill Lindsay 80 6 10 16 4 Keith Brown 55 5 10 15 6 Peter Andersson 29 0 12 12 12 Jody Hull 17 2 5 7 2 Joe Cirella 14 1 5 6 23 Jeff Daniels 6 0 2 2 Yes, the most unlikely hero, Mike Foligno plays in all 84 games for 61 goals, 63 assists, and 124 points even though he was retired in the 1994-95 season.
  13. You must actually have the CD-ROM don't you? You are gonna have to delete something off your C: drive to create some more disk space. Then you might have to re-install the game into the computer. NHL 95 Lines: Lomakin Belanger Mellanby Hough Niedermayer Foligno Lowry Skrudland Kudelski Lindsay Barnes Fitzgerald Benning Murphy Severyn Laus Andersson Smith
  14. I think I can help with #2. Have you ever heard of JoyToKey? It is a gamepad that works with any game. It pretty much translates a button press on the gamepad to a strike on the keyboard. I plan to use it soon. I am sorry, but I only got the game about a week ago, so I wouldn't know anything about editing the game. Sorry, I hope I helped you at least a little. NHL 95 Lines: Lomakin-Belanger-Mellanby Hough-Niedermayer-Foligno Lowry-Skrudland-Kudelski Lindsay-Barnes-Fitzgerald/Hull Benning-Murphy Severyn-Laus Smith/Andersson-Brown/Cirella
  15. Sorry man I don't know if I can help. I play it through "Program Compatibility Wizard", and I cannot get the stats either. As well no sound. Do you have a downloaded version or the actual CD-ROM? NHL 95 Lines: Lomakin-Belanger-Mellanby Hough-Niedermayer-Foligno Lowry-Skrudland-Kudelski Lindsay-Barnes-Fitzgerald/Hull Benning-Murphy Severyn-Laus Andersson/Smith-Brown/Cirella
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