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  1. Yeah mate there is new release about 10 months ago. Hopefully slapshot will see this and sort us out
  2. Hope it’s something easy to sort lol
  3. Thanks mate got that working but its saying the '93 32 team rom is 'The Specified file does not appear to be a supported rom' im using slapshots upload of the '93 32 team rom any ideas?
  4. Hi Guys Im wanting to update the 32 Rom to currant rosters (19-20). But not sure whats the best program to use. Im not really wanting to use hexed to be honest so a point into the right direction would be great Cheers!
  5. T0LTS


    Great thank you my friend I’ll definitely be using this! Also LGI!
  6. T0LTS


    What’s the app please mate
  7. My god I can’t wait for this! I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas Day! Lol
  8. Which is the better title? I have 2004 with retro mods and new mods on it. Not tried 09, is there much of a gap graphics and gameplay wise? Was thinking of getting it just to try the mods
  9. I seen that theres a great picture of the NHL 94 Cartridge thought id give the 93 one a bit of TLC Apologies if in the wrong section!
  10. Thank you boys I’ll have a study session later lol. i really wanna get this sorted gonna be great! Cheers!!
  11. That would be good if some could thank you
  12. Me again lol Does anyone know anywhere that can create your own draft using your own selection of players? I wanted to be able to add my own list of players for people to pick their own teams for. So we can create our teams for the league I was going to run. Just to add preferably a free custom draft lol. As always thank you for everyone’s time
  13. Is there still interest in this I’d like to possibly join as well, will hopefully join your discord setup cheers
  14. Great! Will definitely check that out! thanks mate! if there are some of us lurking around get in touch lol
  15. Hi buddy i have also been able to hack into FIFA 95 I can change team names, player names, team colours but when I try to edit players they all switch to 99 rating and once on 99 it seems as it locks and you can’t change them back down any ideas would be welcome! Cheers
  16. Hiya everyone was just wondering if there are any fellow UK players on here at all? Wanted to get NHL 93 & 94 Leagues going. Was hoping to get at least 12 of us playing. Let me know if you’re up for it cheers lads
  17. Think I’ll give up trying to add teams and wait for the 32 team ‘93 rom that’s in the midst lol. Can’t wait for that one! im very keen to keep that updated when it’s released there’s so much love for ‘94 being updated I’d love to be one of them that helps out with ‘93 as I know loads of us enjoy playing that as well as ‘94! i could do ‘95 as well I guess just in case lol
  18. Hiya mate, thank you and yes got it working now time for some messing lol I’ll be in touch
  19. That easy lol thank you once again pal. I’m really sorry to be bugging you lol I’ll do this in a minute or two
  20. Thank you mate, I have asked you on that project not sure if you’ve seen yet. On NOSE I get.... this specified file apears to be an unsupported rom any ideas? my fav games are 93, 94 and 95 im basically finding my feet with each rom edit that’s all and I’m very appreciative of your advice and time in replying to questions I have once again thank you for your time
  21. i know this has stalled a little but For some reason im getting a the specified file does not apear to be a supported rom im using NHL95_34TM_beta_05c.bin any ideas
  22. ahh ok hopefully I will get to see Ralfs documentation soon the cheers!
  23. I’d love to see the highlights pal. I’m interested in doing something like this at my work too so highlights might wet peoples appetite