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  1. Those horrible passer ratings with a win were against me in my first online games ever. Thanks for helping me set up online play SSIG. In my defense we did go to OT in both those games but I think SSIG was letting up on me a bit. Once we got to OT he disposed of me rather quickly. Had a blast playing, what is the process to get into an league now?
  2. Alright, Have an AIM set up. SegathonSov Never played online before and I'm a 95er instead of a 94er, but since 94 is the game of choice AIM me if you want to give me my first loss
  3. So you can still download 5.9?
  4. Good idea. I'll set up an AIM account tonight and post it if anyone wants to gets some easy wins from me tonight.
  5. Where do you go if you are looking for a pick up game? I see a lot of people have AIM accounts. Do you just set up an AIM account and then keep adding people who play to your list?
  6. Thats a pretty stat keeper DaDonch44, but I am looking to keep about 30 different players stats. Something like Players A's Lifetime record agaisnt Player B etc. Xstioph I like the track your on. Could you email that to me at nhl95_a_thon@yahoo.com ? I found a World Cup Stat tracker of the Microsoft website the is also pretty indepth but way over my head to edit. Maybe one of you excel wizzes can modify it for Hockey http://office.microsoft.com/en-gb/template...1450531033.aspx
  7. I currenlty have all three of the hacks and they are fun to play. I messed around with one of the roms trying to make the goalies and D better since the ease of scoring is my biggest complaint when playing against the computer. But could not really get the right formula. I know most people are 94 diehards but 95 is my favorite game to play against another person. The controls are so responsive. I would love to play in a 95 league in anyone started one up. Currenlty my friends and I do a old school tourneys with 95 a few times a year. Last one we did we have 4 segas going with 18 people.
  8. Otto_The_Great you are right on. Calgary all the way.
  9. Thanks but I was not able to download it.
  10. My buds and I do a couple of old school tourneys each year and manually keep basic stats like win/loss and goal for/goals against My excel experience is limited, don't know how to do function etc. Just woundering if there is any excel wizards out there that have a template they have used for their own leagues that I could use? I would love to have a more in depth one in which you could sort win/loss against certian players etc. Thanks,
  11. I like the idea of no names and teams with different strengths. What are you going to do for teams? I'd do abbreviated division like the best WCHA teams for one division, best Hockey East teams in another division etc. Keep up the good work.
  12. segathon

    95 online

    Thanks for the info, I have yet to play a game online. But will message you if I do. Any major differneces between SNES and Genesis version?
  13. segathon

    95 online

    Anybody play this game online? If so, where? Any leagues going on? Thanks
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