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  1. Once again, thanks to everyone for an awesome year, I'm truly floored as to cool it is to play NHL94 online with so many guys that are really down to earth and just love playing the game. No bragging, No showboating, no BS, everyone that I played throughout the season was just there to have fun. Always a GG no matter how frustrating the game can be. ie- losing a game to a pass shot from one end of the ice to another AHHHHH! hahaha Special thanks again to the Admins, Raph, Chaos and Halifax, I don't think anyone understands how much work goes into this site!! And you do it all for free! Thanks again boys, I'm proud to be a part of this community! Crash (Kevin)
  2. Hmmm, I think I'm inclined to buy one. (20% off is a nice gesture by the company). Anyone else gonna buy?
  3. Seano when you gonna be on this weekend?
  4. I bought a program called Parallels and I can play GENS Emulator on my MAC with Hamachi. No issues, I've been playing all season with it.
  5. No prob Seano, we will catch up another night.
  6. Ya I'm in the same boat…... Seano7302 - 1 Mikesplugsnyder - 4 Habsholic - 4
  7. Welcome brother, I'm usually on around 8ish during the evenings and weekends at night. I kinda suck but I'm always willing to play.
  8. Welcome to Gens D brother! Great group of us rookies who are just here to have fun. I've only played Seano and Ginty and both dudes are top shelf gentlemen. Very very good sportsmanship.
  9. Sorry boys, my friggin gamepad broke! New one doesn't arrive till next Wednesday. I'm prob not gonna be on till then unless I can find a decent replacement. Kevin
  10. Hello fellow Smythe members.....just wondering if you could post general times that you are available to play during the season. I'm good generally every weekday evening and weekend around 8 pm. I just want to avoid waiting to play all weekly games 1 day before the checkpoint deadline. Kevin
  11. Thanks for the links and and Raph I'm looking forward to the tutorial when it is posted! Kevin
  12. Hey guys, I just started playing this game again about a month ago (been about 20 years), and after playing my first online game I have realized that IT IS NOTHING LIKE PLAYING AGAINST THE COMPUTER! Hahaha ah well, win or lose I love to play and I am looking forward to this year's 20 game league. I hope I don't get kicked out of the league for being so terrible! Anyway, does anybody know of any tutorials that actually are current? I checked out one on this site but the link is down. I wouldn't mind doing some reading on the fundamentals. Thanks in advance for any advice. Kevin AIM: lisowskikevin@hotmail.com Screename: Crash
  13. hahaha Thanks....me thinks I need to go back and practice a wee bit more until our next meeting!
  14. Great give me 5 mins to get setup and connect to an ethernet cable. I was told wi-fi isnt fast enough for a good smooth game. I'll sign in to AIM in a few mins. Thanks!
  15. Anyone know if Windows 7 works with Gens and netplay? Kevin
  16. But thanks so much for all the great info!
  17. Chaos, thanks for the info. I'm glad to hear it works well. Where did u buy your windows from? I think Microsoft store only sells windows 8 Also how much room did u alot for your partition for windows? Thanks for your help! Kevin
  18. Chaos, that's awesome news, I was wondering if it would work well Where did u buy windows from? The Microsoft store? I need to buy a copy to install and I think the Microsoft store only sells windows 8 Also how big is your partition? I guess you wouldn't need much for this game. Thanks for your help. Kevin
  19. Hmm, no problemo. Give me a day or 2 to sort this out and I will repost for a game. Thanks for the heads up! I've used that emulator on my pc laptop before so it won't be a problem. I might just run bootcamp on my Mac so I can access windows. Thanks again Kevin
  20. Hello Kingraph, great. My AIm should be lisowskikevin@hotmail.com. I tried to change the screen name to crash but I think it's still listed under lisowskikevin@hotmail.co What time works for you tomorrow? I'm home after 6PM. Also I'm running KEGA and Hamachi on a MAC, will that play nice with other PC's? Thanks for your help. Kevin
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