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  1. 3.20 NYIslanders selects F - Dave Gagner
  2. TexasPacyderm trades 3.17 & 4.8 to Brutas for Turgeon & 5.6
  3. Im offering the 4.8 & 4.9 FOR a 3.X (coming up right now) & 5.X, message if a possibility. thx.
  4. 2.1 NYIslanders selects G - Patrick Roy
  5. hello - if I have to pick a team to use, hook me up with the NY Islanders - thx
  6. hello, id like to join or be put on the list. thx.
  7. again, hopefully i did this correctly... SC1: LW - Ruzicka C - Neely RW - Juneau LD - Murphy RD - Bourque G - Moog X - Kvartalnov SC2: LW - Poulin C - Juneau RW - Kvartalnov LD - Shaw RD - Roberts G - Blue X - Donato
  8. Do we have to assign someone to the "X:" and if so what does that represent?
  9. UPDATED: hopefully i did this right... TEXASPACHYDERM: BOSTON BRUINS Tier 1 players: Neely, Bourque Tier 2 players: Gord Murphy Tier 3 players: Ruzicka, Moog, Blue Tier 4 players: Juneau, Kvartalnov, Poulin, Donato, Roberts, Shaw, Weimer
  10. alright, why not, ill give it a shot, ill go with Boston if available still. thx.
  11. uhh. hmm. im not sure i know whats happenin here. dont know anything about the weight bug fix. WBF/Blitz WFB, whats that? full fix? how long is a season? sorry for the questions, thx.
  12. ahh yes, corbettkb@yahoo.com (aim screen name) - thanks for the help and game kingraph.
  13. If anyone would be interested in a game this evening, my AiM screenname is "corbettkb". still lookin to try this out for the first time. will be on after 9PM ET. thx.
  14. im EST, 11PM tonight or tomorrow works. guess i need to setup an aim account today.
  15. Up and running now, got a new controller, thanks for the comments. if anyone is around to try out a game with me one night this week, please let me know. thx.
  16. tried all that, same problem. i am controlling the right team, d-pad just barely works, the player kinda rotates but doesnt skate forward. i assign the a-button but it comes out as the c-button, and others are out of place. my controller works fine on the Fusion emulator, which makes this weird. anyways, thanks to all for the assistance, ill try and figure something else out. im on a windows7-64 bit machine and have a Logitech Dual Action Controller.
  17. Well thanks, that actually fixed the first problem i was having. Now on the menu screens everything flips at the correct pace. i can scroll thru the menu with my d-pad. Then I start a game and the d-pad doesnt seem to work, and the buttons i assigned are out of place. Running the Fusion emulator my controller works fine. hoping to get this one working to play someone, guess i could get a new controller, but like my Logitech. Thanks again for the assistance.
  18. Controller question - With the gens.exe emulator yall use, after setting the buttons, I am having a problem where everything cycles super fast, its too fast. Ive used other emualtors and had no problem with my controller. any suggestions what i may be doing wrong or something i can try? thx.
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