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  1. Could someone send me the rom too?Please Thank you
  2. How to you edited screens and graphics with TM? I tried paste jpg files from the internet and it messes up the rom. So how do you editing the screens. I am now working a rom called NCAA Hockey 2007 and of course have the rosters and uniforms straight thanks to you NOSE NHL 94 editor.
  3. I haven't heard from schoolyardpuck about the rom, so like what Denzel Washington said in Training Day "To get s**t done you have to have it your self." That means that I will made a rom called NCAA Hockey 07 myself, I am tired of waiting. I'm sure you guys are too. Thanks to wboy tutorials on how to edit roms, I will try to do the title screens, and main screens myself. Here is my list of teams so far. Boston College Boston University Brown Colgate Dartmouth Colorado College University of Connecticent Denver Maine Michigan Michigan State Duluth(Minn) Minnesota Cornell New Hamps
  4. Hey skoolyardpuck, how about you email me the rom with all the stuff you have done so far, so I could finish it. I have nothing much too do. I also I have a lot of free time during night time. I will try to edit the main screens and stuff myself.
  5. I understand that there are a couple of people looking for the recent AHL rom, well here is it. Enjoy
  6. mymy

    NHL 07

    Is there a way to copy and paste the NHL 95 season to NHL 94 so that we will have an season mode an NHL 2007.
  7. mymy

    NHL 07

    Awesome rom, but one problem. What didn't you have the main screen as the cover of NHL 07.
  8. Check your email. I just emailed you the rom.
  9. Give me your email by PM of on this board. I will email it to you.
  10. Hey wboy, could you post this on your site? You can't download this file on this fourm, it don' work.
  11. Looks like the rom will be called NCAA Hockey 2007 instead of 2006.
  12. Do anybody have the 2005 IHWC rom made by swos and Mahasiavu? Here's my email.
  13. Are there any posted on the internet?
  14. He is the jpg file of what my ice color looks like.
  15. I like the ice kind of grayish-white. Here is a look of the way I have my ice color. NHL2006a_000.bmp
  16. What is your email address? I will email it to you.
  17. I have passed the project to someone else because I am very busy with other projects. The person I gave the project to says he should be finished by mid-April. I will email him to see how he is doing.
  18. mymy


    Download the NOSE Editor and go on the ECH, IHL, or AHL web site to find team rosters. If I didn't answer your question, maybe I didn't understand it.
  19. When you have time, wboy could you have Evan post it on his site or you can post it on your hexaddicts site. I need to know how the add the NCAA logo as the ice logo for all the teams in my NCAA Hockey 2006 rom, am planning on releasing soon.
  20. How do yo change the picture in the Main Menu. If you don't know what I am talking about, for example the picture showing two people shaking hands. Thank you
  21. You still have the 2003 rom? Go to this site to get the 2005 rom and use it to make a 2006 rom. Thank you Also asked swos(the person who make the rom)for help.
  22. So, here are the teams I now have on this rom. If you have team requests, I will gladly some teams names and enter the one you requested. NCAA Hockey 2006 teams Boston College Boston University Bowling Green Brown Colgate Dartmouth(finished rosters) Colorado College University of Connecticent Denver Maine Miami(OH) Michigan(finished rosters) Michigan State(finished rosters) Duluth(Minn) Minnesota Cornell New Hampshire Norte Dame Ohio State(finished rosters) Princeton Quinnipiac Air Force Army Vermont(finished rosters) Western Michigan Wisconsin Yale Thank You For
  23. Don't worry, Maine is on the rom. The teams that are on the rom is Michigan, Michigan State, New Hampshire, Havard, Yale, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and many other teams. Thank You
  24. Do you guys want to have this rom? If not I will cancel this project. Thank You
  25. I am now working on the rosters for the game that features the college hockey teams like Norte Dame, Michigan, Cornell, etc. But I need help on the center ice logo. Maybe swos, mack, or somebody else could put the blue NCAA logo as the center logo. I also need help on the uniforms, for example like the Michigan Wovlerines home jersys. I can make the jersey white put can't make the helmets blue. It always turns white. If you guys want, you can add more logos on the ice and the boards. When I finish the rosters I will post the game on this forums so you guys can edit it. Also, if I feel like i