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  1. From Kingraph's strategy site: "Aggressiveness is a leftover attribute from ’93. Determines how likely a player is to fight. Unsure if this does anything in ’94." I dunno if it is true, but sounds good enough for me.
  2. Thanks! I may add the Muller-Linden Doppelganger to the list. I added Muller-Linden Doppelganger to the list. Yeah, I don't count roughness and aggressiveness, because I do not think they come into play. But! I believe checking is legit. (If memory serves, it is how often a CPU controlled player checks. I have seen people mention that Bourque -- the only 6 Checker in the game -- can sometimes be seen going hog wild crushing opponents with CPU hate-rage!)
  3. Heh, thanks for that. The "clean sweep" you describe is the fabled "Golden Unicorn". Is it real or myth? One of the great mysteries of the last 100 years.
  4. Ahhh! Thank you for the insights! Yes, I feel like many of the Russian and Eastern European players may have changed the spelling of their own names, sometimes even after the ROM came out. Makes things tricky. All the same, finding errors in this ROM is an important task, and the work must continue. (I am considering a Patreon account, or possibly a GoFundMe campaign. Maybe both.)
  5. I just found the reverse of the short names: The ROM made a mistake and *added* a letter!! (This is worth $10k, if people find another example, btw.) Real Name: Dmitri Yushkevich ROM name: Dimitri Yushkevich Edit: Found another. And it's a doozy. Grigori Panteleev is misspelled in first AND last names!! (That's a cool $20k I just made myself.) I have no idea why finding these name errors is fun, but I think it might somehow tie in to the Easter Egg hunt my wife and I are planning for our kid tomorrow... I just suggested to the wife we nix the easter egg hunt, and instead hav
  6. Added it. Thx, Chaos! Found Alexnder Semak, too. There is a $1000 bounty on first names, people! And $500 for last (less rare).
  7. Nice! I can't believe I missed Muller! For Nedved, I think I will put him in a category with Michel Goulet "Mismatched Shots". Goulet has almost the opposite of Nedved: 2 SP and 5 SA. There must be other weird shooters out there? Edit: Oops. Not opposite. Same dang thing! I will add your items to the first post later. Edit: Done.
  8. Yes! If he veers left or right when approaching top speed dude blows a tire and collapses in a heap!
  9. - Prelude - Here are some interesting stats plucked from the Genesis ROM. Feel free to add your own below. As they come in, I will add to this post and credit you. Contributors so far: Smoz, Chaos, and Kingraph. NOTE 1: In case you have not reached Grand Wizard Nerd Status (GWNS) yet, the attributes are from 0-6, not 0-99 as they appear in the game. For an explanation of the logic behind this, and your first step towards full on GWNS, see Kingraph's writeup here: NOTE 2: Atomic Raven created a nifty tool to compare player stats. Very han
  10. Yes, I concur! I have started using Sutton (paired with Svoboda, of course). The dude is a classic stay at home defender. It does help that he is so slow -- dude kinda has to hang back, which is perfect.
  11. #2 @aqualizard The Leafs Why? A name popped out to me. If you know the "Tragically Hip", the ultimate Canadian band. Excerpted from "Fifty Mission Cap" by The Hip. That's right. The dude on my team scored the Stanley Cup Winning goal in 1951, and died that same year. I dedicate my season to his memory.
  12. Hey Coach, I am tied up until the evening tonight. If there is time, I will pick at 6pm EST after looking at the ROM. If that is too delayed, please pick for me what you consider to be the second best team!
  13. Wow, 3 posts: 1 - 2011 2 - 2015 3 - 2021 You are like Halley's comet! See you in 5 or so years.
  14. Congrats, Smoz. Definitely well deserved.
  15. Thanks! U proved it again: U DA MAN! I made the change and will report back if it "takes". Cheers!
  16. Hi there, I use a fat GENs 3 button with a RetroUSB adapter. I notice that sometimes, albeit rarely, I get this weird glitch: 1. I am going to one time it 2. just before the one time happens, but after I have pressed the C button, it pauses And when I say pauses, I mean RA suddenly shows the menu, and the game is totally halted. Then I have to navigate to "Resume Game" and all flow is lost. (And I when I resume, I am too sheepish to do anything but dump the puck, if I can, but sometimes the already registered one timer goes through, creating anger and confusion from my opponen
  17. You may be interested in this related thread:
  18. Ok, gotta keep it real here: 1. Halifax should be Bud of the Year. (But I know he doesn't include himself in the running. Which just goes to show why he should be bud of the year! Never mind that, Bud of the Decade!) That aside, I would have to say: 2. Chaos should be Bud of the Year. If didn't have his finger in every pie here, well, it would be like the NHL94 community here hits an iceberg and the whole thing goes under, quickly! But he has won it 2 years straight. So: 3. I am voting for @danTML7! His Twitch streams and personality are really helping the community in m
  19. That is a great, well thought out post. Thanks for that. In the quote above, I do think for 99.9% of people, it is all in good fun, poking fun at the other system. As a community, I know I appreciate the SNES guys. (Hell, Halifax is SNES, and he is one of the pillars here!) I do prefer GENs, but you guessed it, that is what I was introduced to 25 years ago, or whatever it is now. Had it been SNES, well that would be my fave, no doubt. I have played SNES a bit. But for a couple hours, versus thousands of hours on GENS. But I do think GENs is a "deeper" game. (I am not saying "bet
  20. I am a career B leaguer, and I am in. How do we have all these new recruits? From the SoChel tourney or what? (It is awesome to see.)
  21. Hello and welcome! See here:
  22. I signed it. We have 6 peeps so far. Much work needed...