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Deadline is coming up 7/27. If you do not see coaches on AIM very often post here to attempt setting up a scheduled time. With all the DNPs it is hard to predict any draft order. After Sunday, TDL Elite will enter the first trade deadline and DNP's will be assigned.

NYR (Plabax) : games vs. STL, PHI, LA, BUF, PIT, WSH

BUF (Houly): games vs. LA, PIT, NYR, PHI

WSH (VC): games vs. PHI, NYR, STL

PIT (LABS66): games vs. BOS, NYR, BUF

STL (Icestorm): games vs. NYR, WSH

PHI (Kingraph): games vs. BUF, WSH

LA (Wittgenstein): games vs. NYR, BUF

BOS (Freydey) games vs. NYR, PIT

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Hey guys I'm back from vacation!!! Sad to leave Mexico but also feels good to be back home. I will be on tomorrow night and this weekend to play my remaining games

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Many coaches in TDL Elite have a lot of games left to play by next Monday's 8/25 deadline.

Everyone was excited enough to get through the draft in 2 days, be nice to see the same eagerness when it comes to playing games.

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To all Elites....I greatly apologize for my absence and nonplaying. I was working night turn for a little while there on and off and with a 1 year old now things are just crazy haha. Anyway I am also going to be running a line to hard wire my laptop so no more lag (KingRaph will be happy to hear that haha). I promise to get my games in by the deadline, I also spoke to Kupuck to let him know. Also I thought the original deadline was the 28th but I might have mistaken the number 28 in games played as the deadline date instead of the 25th. Either way within the next couple days I will be ready to get back on the GA! I plan on tomorrow night and all night if need be along with Saturday night and all night then too!!!

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