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Steps to Building a 94 Rom


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I have been working on my roms and seems some others are interested in starting to do roms.
As I guy with zero tech skills it is really amazing what you can do with this game thanks to all the tools and info Smoz, wboy, etc... have provided us.
I started at ground zero.

So here are the things I do to build my roms with links to finding more info on each tool.:big_smile:

How to build a NHL 94 Rom

APPLY Stick Tape and Eye IPS Patch

APPLY Scoreboard and 3 Stars IPS Patch

SMOZ ROM Set how bonuses are applied
(I don’t use the other features and I choose 3 for the application)


WBF Applicator Apply improved WT BUG FIX
(I use this instead of SMOZ ROM because I like having PIM show)

C/B Fix
B-Check enabled with penalties off
Edit what Ron Barr says
Set/Fix/Adjust the Music


Team Names/Arena Names
Goalies Name/#/Ratings
Skaters Name/#/Ratings
Set Lines
Uniforms (These colors also affect Center Ice logo)
Playoff Draws
Penalties Length
Period/Overtime Length
Ice Color and other rink graphics
Opening Menu Set Up

Name Rom
# of Selectable Teams (Season and Playoffs)
Team ratings
Set Advantages (PP/PK/Home/Away)
Set Player Pics after you have inserted them in TM

Make player cards, splash screens, banners, logos, etc…

Make/apply 3 Splash Screens
Replace Ron Barr
Make/apply Splash Screen logos
Make/apply In-Game Timer
Make/apply team select logos
Make/apply center ice logos
Make/apply team banners
Make/apply Home/Away banners
Make/apply Scoreboard and 3 Stars logo



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Great stuff Coach - nice to have all this stuff in one place.

Goalie Stuff:

Allow goalies to move further out of their crease (Hex Edit)

Y-Button Goalie Hack (6-button, Instant goalie control hack)



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13 minutes ago, jer_33 said:

Would be nice to have a few roms for guys to use as starting points, standard, 30-team, pre-set team ratings etc...

Excellent Points!

Here ya go.

Here are Original 6, 70's, 80's, Olympics, WHA, Slapshot.

And Here is Naples and Skips for the current era.


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