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5 minutes ago, smozoma said:

So you'd want to play the original NHL94 on PC retroarch and verify where it stores the SRM, then replace that SRM with the Android one.

Yeah, I've done exactly that on both sides.

Shame, I just figured, it's going well, looks like I'm going to get to the final, and now I'm there and wanted to pick up on the TV via the RetroArch PC program.
What do you guys recommend for playing on PC? Is Gens still the one?

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Ok, I've tried turning on the "Leave Off" and it exposed the User Records when I continued the game. So what I'm gonna try is bringing the ROM back to the PC to see if it opens up that in-game save as well. It's only gonna be in the ROM right? Obviously there's no other save location for in-game saves than the ROM itself.

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2 hours ago, tinpanalley said:

Well, I ain't Flick. So I'm not doin it.
...no that's fine, I'll give it a go. I just didn't try because I was afraid it would break the game or something.

But then you guys are saying that the Tourney ROM should offer a User Records setting no matter what and that it's actually Retroarch that's somehow not showing it?

I don't know. Try some stuff out but this isn't the place to discuss how to do it. It is something to do with ALL of the modded ROMs. If you want to save whatever you're trying to save, play NHL'94 classic. I have no problem saving progress on playoffs in GENS or RA.

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58 minutes ago, skip said:

Guys, can this discussion please take place on a new forum somewhere? His issue has nothing to do with this ROM, it's up to @tinpanalley to start a new topic.

True, my bad.

I'm done. Thanks everyone and apologies. In fact, mods can feel free to remove the posts I've made here.

Edited by tinpanalley
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