Programming a New NHL94?


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I am sure a lot of us here are like me: you don't get why every game these days has to be in 3D, with the focus on great looking graphics 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and playability 25th or not at all.

Some games are meant to be 2D! Like NHL94! With the focus on the mechanics of the game, like realistic "smooth" skating. Seeing the game from birds-eye view in 2D makes for being able to focus on playing in a uniform manner. The focus is on the "playing the game", not looking at it!

I am sure many of you were looking so forward to NHL95, way back then, when you expected EA to fix bugs and enhance the core game,as they did going from '93 to '94. Boy were we disappointed!

And, I know a lot of you have serious computer skills, and may have even thought of designing a game "the right way", taking up where '94 left off. With today's computers, you could make a WICKED game, with good TWO DIMENSIONAL graphics, but with the focus on PLAYABILITY! So, tell me, has anyone thought about...

making there own hockey game, with the goal of enhancing what was great about NHL94?

I have computer skills, but they are limited to Web Development, like ASP and PHP. But I have the fundamentals... I just don't know where to begin? I also have design skills, I was always expert in designing 2D "sprites", and do icons even today, and know Photoshop well. But would you use Photoshop to design a modern-day version?

And would it be programmed in C, or C++, or something else?

Surely there is an NHL94 fan that has a more suitable skillset than me. Or there could be a team of us that could all contribute using our different skills?

Have people thought about this?

Do you think it is doable?

Have I inhaled too much photocopier fluid?


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Hey aqualizard,

This question has been thought about before, and I wouldn't rule it out. In my mind, it would certainly be possible to program a game from scratch that would replicate the look and feel of nhl94. The means to get this accomplished would take plenty of time, energy, knowledge, and some connections to people that would need to help us out.

It would definitely require a team most likely started from this community to get this off the ground with a team of programmers and all the works that come with building a game. I don't have the time or energy to put into such a project at this point in my life. Hopefully in the future I will, and when that time comes.. I would most certainly be a part of that project.

Until then, keep getting information and talking with people who could be of help down the road. And never rule this option out of your mind.


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  • 3 months later...

Oh wow.. This would be wonderful! Has anyone tried "Game Maker" or any similar software? I wonder if it would be possible to do with one of those programs or if it's too simple. I've only tried Game Maker for a short time, didn't feel I had the time or energy to learn it at the moment...

Keys for fun is mainly simplicity... Functionality and usability is two other important factors. Graphics on the other hand is NOT...

Ever played a game of Jump n Bump, Mashed or maybe GeneRally with three (or five in GeneRally's case) friends for example? Pretty simple games but insane fun! Mashed has somewhat decent graphics but is one hell of a party game! Fun is what's needed! Of course, I'm not the one to complain if the fun game also is nice to look at, but it's not too important!

We need to take over EA Sports! Tell them a word or two! Revolution! Devolution! :unsure: Bring back the fun!

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