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Our friends in Russia are using this emulator to play their games.  I played against them and it's pretty simple to use and set up.  Given we were so far away, there was input lag, but the emulator itself worked great.  It also has chat feature in game (like ZSNES) which is nice

This is the version they are using  so download it here: Mednafen

I don't have time to go through setups, will have to save that for another time.  Basically you can load Sega Genesis, configure your controller, add your ROMS folder and you're off and running.  I don't remember the netplay option right now, but it was pretty quick when I played.  

Sorry for the lack of info for now...will try to update when I can.

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Just now, aqualizard said:

And how to you rate this emulator?  Does it have an advantage over GENs or RA?  (I know you are busy, but maybe just a few words?)

In my brief experience, it's simpler than RA and both are definitely better than GENS because they more accurately emulate the real hardware gameplay (GENS is too fast).  I like the layout of MEDNAFEN vs RA.  It has a clean tabular view and I found it easy to set up without any tutorials.  The hardest part was figuring out the controller, but again it took like 10 minutes.  I am sure a tutorial would be even quicker.  I find RA to be overloaded with menus and options that are unclear, where MEDNAFEN is cleaner.

As far as gameplay, it reminds me of RA and it also has the chat feature which is fantastic.  It was also a smooth game experience and I believe you have the options of who is player 1 vs player 2, etc.  

Again, I just played for like an hour one morning with one of the Russian guys, but I would rate this emulator pretty high.  

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Sega genesis setup guide: https://mednafen.github.io/documentation/md.html

There are videos for setting up Sega Saturn, so maybe those are similar: 


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ROMs must be thrown into the folder "Games"
image 1.png

The first player plays at home.  To change sides in the game press the button t and write "team /swap 1 2"

In the tab Netplay and Setting you need to select the server and key to hash, you can also write a nickname (your username):

image 2.png


F5 key-quick save F7-quick load. F9 key-screenshot. screenshots are automatically saved in the folder "snaps"
also in the emulator folder there is a text file with the name!

Next, select the platform. for example Sega mega drive

Next, click on Controller setup

image 3.png


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Gonna try this out in the next day or two with some 94 bros. 

Pretty fed up with Gens, as much as I love the old broad, I can't play full screen in Windows 10. 

RA is good but playing Gens and SNES I always have to rebind my buttons if I'm playing one or the other.

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