Rotating Center Ice Logo

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Been discussing this on another thread but posting this separately (mostly so I can find again later...) in case anyone else cares to use.


Changing the orientation of the center ice logo to match the layout of current NHL ice surfaces is pretty simple, you only need to rearrange the order of the tiles in a hex editor.

In Tile Molester, add your ice logos as usual, however rotate them -90 degrees and change your view from 6x4 to 4x6:

TM center ice.png

In a hex editor the following needs to be updated to change the orientation from horizontal to vertical:

Hex Map.png

If you want to bring the red line up to the logo and not leave blank space, change the top 2 pairs of circled 008F to 012B and the bottom 2 to 112B.







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Awesome!  Thanks for putting this all together!

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