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I successfully set up the Sega CD ROM today but there is no music. I did download the tracks from NHL94.com. I know most of you are probably cringing just reading this heading as it was a 'fun' process of getting it to work to begin with. All I want to know is if it's possible to get the music working with the ROM. I've been unsuccessful in doing so this afternoon. If it's not, I will just play the game as is. If it is possible I will continue my efforts. Any advice is also welcomed.

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The music definitely works. How to set it up depends on the file format of your Sega CD iso.

You could have an iso plus a bunch of mp3 files. It could be bin/cue files. I have all my Sega CD games converted into chd files.

So yeah, it definitely works, but the 'how' gets a little messy.

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@kidswasted - If you get stuck, download the .ISO and .BIN files from this link and lob them into a single directory.  This is what I use and it works perfectly in Fusion or GENs.

https://archive.org/download/vinylspinners8/NHL '94/

I, like @naples39, use a .CHD file when playing the game in RetroArch on my Genesis Mini.  It works a treat and the files are easy enough to find online.

(Admin - Feel free to delete this post if it it a "naughty step" thing.  Given that the game is available for download here anyway, I assume sharing this public link is fine but let me know if not!)

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