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NHLInfo: Non-existent text file needed for a test

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In the "convert" folder in a download of NHLInfo I found here: https://www.dsgambelluri.ignitiondomain.com/nhlrostertutorial.html

There's one particular file that seems to be absent: nhl2000tonhl2001.txt


There's a txt file used for updating the databases of NHL 2001 with those of NHL 2000, but not the other way around; this is a problem, as the aforementioned mythical txt file is needed for a test I want to perform. If anyone has this txt file, upload it to Google Drive and link it to me.

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Don't bother. The NHL 2001 db was an oddball and by the time Artem (creator of NHLView) figured out how to recompile the segmented data, NHL 2002 came out - so efforts went into reading the 2002 database.

From what I recall, I think you had to do a workaround by going backwards 2000 to 99 or something like that, and then going forward 99 to 2001. The problem was, some data gets dropped so it's not the best solution.

Those converter scripts were also user created, so if there isn't one, it was never made.


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