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2 Request from Coach Mac

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#1 Find out why 30 team 93 roms will not play on an Everdrive and fix it.  I have tried.

#2 Put the appropriate goal crease in my 4 new 93 roms (Original 6, 76, 80 Olympics, and 92) or teach me/show me how to change the crease.
The first 3 just need the basic old school rectangle.







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Is the goal crease that you want already done in other 94 ROMs?   The reason I ask is it will likely be a matter of updating tiles, which I can help with.  If not, drawing new creases could be quite an exercise.

No idea about everdrive, I'd be googling no different than anyone else. 

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I've put a few different creases in a few games, but apparently only a square one in '92 so far.

I don't have the exact location of the crease within the rink tile order data handy at the moment,

- other than the rink art assets start at offset 8920C and the rink tile order hex code is at offset 8D290 -

but to redraw the crease, I had to use a combination of redrawing the sprites as well as changing the tiling order around in a hex editor.

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Oh. Well that was silly of me. Just remembered that I was in the middle of my own '93 based project and that I had to do some rink modifications anyway and a square crease would be a nice look for it. [not era specific other than "older"]

This is the location of the the tiles and the hex offsets for the top crease. [still have to reverse everything in the hex code for the lower crease and fix the center ice logo, but it's a start]


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