Real NHL fans? Or just fan of the classic video game?

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I've been thinking about the new NHL 94 roms out there with updated rosters. Just curious about how many of you are real hockey fans? (ya know, follow the real life NHL)

You know it's interesting. I didn't give a damn about NHL hockey until the classic Genesis versions came out. I'd follow the games, go to Blackhawk games, and even hockey digest. It was fun to go to a game and watch some of the marque players and say stuff like "Where the hell is Larmer's slap shot!?" or hope that Roenick would dominate a game.

As time went on, the hockey games (IMO) went to the toilet. The decline of the video game, started my decline of my interest in the real life NHL. I don't even know who won the last Stanley Cup.

It's a 2 minute bus ride to the United Center for me. Maybe the updated ROMs with some netplay action will spark an interest again.

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I haven't followed the NHL for about 4-5 years now. I used to be a fan, then then the game got extremely slow with the neutral zone trap & not enought good young players to replace the 30-something vets. So, now my interest in NHL 94 is purely an interest in the video game itself. My interest in updated rosters is only so I can have new team dynamics within the video game, not because I particularly want to play as any real-life team.

Admittedly, I might be able to get back into hockey if I had the motivation, because they have tried to fix the problems I mentioned, but A) I don't know half of the players anymore B ) The Blues absolutely suck!

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I don't know if it was NHL 94 or trading hockey cards that got me caught, it was around the same time. I've always had an interest in hockey, though mainly international hockey and somewhat of an interest in the Swedish Elite Leauge. I have to admit that my interest in IRL NHL has gone down in the same pase that the games has become worse and worse.

I regulary (every day) check out and try to keep track of most things. Unfortunately I can't watch any games, not even on tv. During the beginning of the season I got a few games streamed over internet so at least that was something. I used to purchase hockey magazines etc. but nowadays all/most info can be found online. And the info in magazines was always out dated.

So you can say my NHL interest began with video games, but turned into a more IRL interest as the years went by. But along the line with the games going downhill, so has the IRL interest. I know you can download last nights games via torrents now, but it's not so fun to watch a game any other way than live.


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I was a real fan of hockey during the game NHL 94.

But the network threw those chanels that would show NHL games of the air and replaced it with Arab News Network.

I think it is save to say that I am still pissed about that!!!

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ya I'm a pretty die hard canadiens fan although living in toronto I dont get all of their games but I do get all of their saturday night games on SRC [french cbc] ...we get too many maple laffs games here

by the time the playoffs roll around I will usually watch any game..they are just so intense in the playoffs

olympics are the greatest though...the best players in the world compressed into 8 contenders. I hope canada can start winning

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yea, always watch the NHL, I can watch almost all the leaf games on tv, except the ones on the LeafsTV network. Plus sometimes I watch the 10-15 american games that are on everyweek. I Wish i could actually get leaf tickets though, dont have like $1500 for a scalper.

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