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Shifty, that was pretty awesome. There was one that I found myself watching over and over. You even had it in slow motion. That one where Stevens is coming from behind the net and circles around the boards to the right hand side, takes a slap shot, and the goalie moves towards the puck during the shot leaving the far side open. That was crazy. I can't remember ever seeing that before and that was a good chance that game was against me with the Pitt/LA matchup. lol Still, an amazing goal.

Great mix video. What program did you use to do that?

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By the way Shifty, when are you going to make another one of those videos... just watched the first one again... it's awesome.

Glad you guys liked it! Sadly though, wags, you aren't in this video anywhere, lol.

The shot that you liked, fleury, was against the cpu. Me and snipeshow were playing and that was him. I have never ever seen that ever never ever before either. I about s**t a brick! Haha.

Next video will come out when I have enough video, but you guys can help me out here. I can give you the video capture program I use, it's free. Message me on AIM and I will send it @ 33mb. I will also package in a AVI splitter so you can compile the screen-captured videos and cut out the good parts since the uncompressed full games will be rather large.

Remember, those are only highlights from games I participated in and even then I have only been recording like....25% of games I play. So if before a game we decide on who is going to record, we dont' all have to, but after the game you can cut up the video and send me the good stuff.

Also, someone asked which program. It is definitely NOT Adobe Premiere CS3 :)

Message me like I said to get the programs. I hope through the highlights I compile we can raise interest in 2on2!

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