Fall 2007 - Gens D

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Hey Gens-D coaches,

It's that time again to vote for coach awards. Please copy and paste these categories into your post and add which coach you vote for at the end of each line. We made the voting awards much easier this time around.


1. Best Overall Coach - [coach here]

2. Best Sportsmanship Coach - [coach here]

3. Best Manual Goalie Coach - [coach here]

4. Most Creative Coach - [coach here]

5. Most Improved Coach - [coach here]

6. Coach Who Stuck It Out Through The Hard Times - [coach here]

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1. Best Overall Coach - blackrock

2. Best Sportsmanship Coach - awesomemerino

3. Best Manual Goalie Coach - blackrock

4. Most Creative Coach - awesomemerino

5. Most Improved Coach - SSIG

6. Coach Who Stuck It Out Through The Hard Times - Brent

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Best Overall: Blackrock

Best Sportsmanship: Awesomerino (I owe him for the unnecessary tirade I had against him, many apologies for the rest of my life)

Best Manual Goalie: Abstain, since I really do think my manual goalie was the best this season :)

Most Creative Coach: Awesomerino

Most Improved Player: Eggy! (The only person I'll team up with in the future)

Hard Times Award: Brent AND Dexture (One of you better win it all now)

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Best Overall: who ever wins the d playoffs how can you vote for anybody else

Best Sportsmanship: dave hanson was a gentelman to play with......but iwill say everybody seemed to be very nice

Best Manual Goalie: j.b

Most Creative Coach: althoguh i think his predictions were evidently terrible ssig gets my vote for his brilliant and entertaining posts

Most Improved Player: i dont know if you guys were in the same league as me? BRENT beat jb and could be in the final he gets the nod

Hard Times Award: eggy who was dreadfull and couldnt win more then 2 games but stuck through and played all her games.......good job eggy

it was a lot of fun guys (and girl) thanks

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