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Order of teams in Startup Screen

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at offset 00000310. Just above All Stars East Jerseys, the oder of the texts are arranged. It's not that difficult, ill give a brief desription for now.

5330 0000 0966 0000 0C4C 0000 0F3A 0000 etc.

5330 is Anaheim, 0966 is Boston, 0C4C IS Buffalo and so on......all the way to 0674 which is All Stars West.

I will post more later....

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The offset truely starts at Hex 000 030E, two bytes eariler as the rom uses the 4 bytes for the each of the team offsets... e.g. 0000 5330

While its really not utilized in the ROM versions of NHL, the team order data in the NHL94 ISO has the first team offset as 0001 FD8C.

The nice thing is all NHLs roms have the Team Order data before the Team Data of the first team.

The ugly thing is there is other a lot more involved in changing the order. Changing the offset doesn't change the order of the banners etc, so things quickly get out of wack when you mess with the offset order.

Even if you look at the data that contains the team summary as spoken by the announcer. Each team's summary is separated by the hex byte 0D (from memory) in an order that matches the original team order. I don't know whats involved in changing the banner order. Hopefully there is offsets, but I haven't ventured the far yet.

This is why my development version of the editor supports moving players up/down, but not teams as it gets to messy and based on current knowlegde of the rom, adusting the team order is not as easy as swapping the team order offsets ;)

Thats said, if you work out all the dependancies... I'll add it to the editor and credit you accordingly! :)

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Sorry for the bump, but has anyone looked into this in order to move Atlanta's data to the end so the teams are in the correct order with Winnipeg?

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