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  1. A quick check of 93's ROM confirms it is the same there, as well as 95 (they're flip flopped in 96). I wonder if their abbreviations (WPG and WSH) have something to do with it. Same oddities also apply to the SNES versions of 93 and 94 and the Sega CD version of 94. A couple similar oddities I noticed: Dallas' data is still between LA's and Montreal's in 95 and 96 (it's in the correct spot in 97 and 98). Strangely, Anaheim and Florida's data were moved to the correct spots (before Boston and between Edmonton and Hartford, respectively), though. Weird that they'd move them but not Dallas. In 97 and 98, both Colorado's and Phoenix's data are in the proper spots (between Chicago/Dallas and Philadelphia/Pittsburgh, respectively) following their respective relocations, yet in 98, Carolina's data is between Florida's and LA's, an obvious remnant of their relocation.
  2. There was a delayed penalty when Boston scored. Could that be it?
  3. Just in time for tomorrow's game, I present the 2015 all-star game rom! Everything should be good, but if you find any bugs, let me know. Have fun! AllStar2015.bin
  4. http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=12022054&ex_cid=sportscenterTW Oddly, they used the SNES graphics with the Genesis music!
  5. The offset for 94 (both original and 30-team) is @030E.
  6. You can also just click on the buddy list file and it'll load the relevant window.
  7. Sounds neat. Would totally be interested in this. And I agree with using the real 93-94 rosters.
  8. Likely because this month marks 20 years since the Genesis and Sega CD versions of the game came out (The Super NES version didn't come out until the following October.).
  9. Serious bug: If you choose playoff mode as a team that didn't make the playoffs last season (with the exception of Minnesota, as they're in Phoenix's place), the game freezes.
  10. You know we can log them on the site now, right?
  11. As of now, 9 coaches in C1 would still have points with penalties applied: 1. Los Angeles (62pts; 40GP) 2. Detroit (38pts; 36GP) 3. Chicago (36pts; 40GP) 4. Pittsburgh (32pts; 37GP) 5. Edmonton (24pts*; 32GP) 6. Hartford (24pts; 32GP) 7. Calgary (20pts; 37GP) 8. Toronto (12pts*; 39GP) ---- 9. Vancouver (12pts; 31GP) 10. Philadelphia (-2pts; 29GP) 11. Buffalo (-4pts; 23GP) 12. NY Rangers (-26pts; 20GP) *Won Tiebreaker (EDM won on +/-, TOR won on GP)
  12. On a similar note, according to my calculations, only five coaches in Gens C1 would still have points with the DNP penalties factored in if the season were to end today: Myself, Wittgenstein, batbl18, Perate, and jer_33, though a sixth coach, mikey_mac, would need only to play another game to still have points (he would currently drop down to exactly zero with DNP penalties factored in). Not the most practical amount of teams, to be honest.
  13. http://www.shopbench...fy-t-shirt.html Only real downside is that it's a little bit pricey.
  14. Nice list! Definitely will be useful for anyone looking for a (new) controller to play with. Now all we need is an equivalent list for the SNES.
  15. Calgary (Me) vs. Edmonton (u_got_klimatized) CGY wins 3-2. EDM goal scorers: Simpson x2 CGY goal scorers: Roberts, Dahl, Nieuwendyk
  16. I'm pretty sure they're not related. The fact that they use the same forum software is probably a coincidence. As for other websites that are similar, the only other one I know of is Super Mario World Central, at which I'm a member.
  17. Yeah, I was bored. http://fontstruct.com/download/693738 Extract the .ttf file to your fonts folder, then you can use it in your word processor and image editors of choice! For best results, set the font size to 16.
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