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  1. Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    I see that some new original 6 roms were added when you updated this week. Thanks. Are there any differences in the updated 70, 75, or 80 postings?
  2. NHL 1990

    NOSE can change the menu matchup teams to EDM vs. BOS. Yes, 1990 was a missing link. Thanks!
  3. My "Deadline" Roms

    I actually just found it! Believe it or not, I feel like I accomplished something ! Thank you for your patience and help.
  4. My "Deadline" Roms

    How do I find the "address" in the ROM? I have the ROM in the hex editor, and I see on the posting listed above that the "Hex offset" is 00BB88. One problem: I do not know what a Hex offset is.
  5. My "Deadline" Roms

    Thank you. I have never used hex editor, but I will try.
  6. 2on2 ROM Updated

    EARE can reshuffle portraits only if you use the original players but on different teams or in different positions, right? If I make new players or import them from another ROM, things get wacky.
  7. Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    Yes, great splash screen that screams old time hockey! I look forward to your 1975 one -French Connection, Broad Street Bullies, the pre-cursor to the Habs' Disco Dynasty, and the powder blue Pens' Century Line!
  8. All time great teams hack---has it been done?

    It looks like you found what you were looking for, but since you asked, I am sharing my "NHL Dream." Since my skills are limited, I only made changes using NOSE. Players' pictures, team ratings, graphics, etc. are not accurate. However, I did use Coach Mac's '87 ROM as a base since I love the 80s and love his work. Many of my decisions will make no sense to others, but I do think that the game is a fun solo game. You can choose from 8 teams that had not won a cup as of 1990: Quebec, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Washington, Los Angeles, Vancouver, St. Louis, or Minnesota. I set playoff brackets so that only 4 of these weaker teams show up at a time(1 in each division) and the other 12 teams are better opponents. Your opponents are suped-up cpu teams whose player ratings reflect a team ranking (A, B, or C) that I assigned each. The best opponent in the Wales is Montreal; the best opponent in the Campbell's is Edmonton. Only 10 skaters are included for most teams. I play with line changes ON for 7 minute periods, so the cpu and I would rarely need a checking line. If you do use line changes, please know that most 2nd lines are an 80s line, not an all-time greats line (except Montreal). The timeline cut off is 1989-90, so Detroit will have Howe and Yzerman but not Lidstrom. Edmonton will have Gretzky and Coffey but not McDavid. Pittsburgh will have Lemieux but not Jagr or Crosby. Really, it's mostly a 70s and 80s ROM that goes back further in time for certain all-time greats. You can also play with my favorite NHL 80s stars against a suped-up Soviet team. Remember that I call it "NHL Dream" because it is not historically accurate but a weird mix of my childhood memories and impressions. For me personally, it is a lot of fun! NHL Dream.bin
  9. My "Deadline" Roms

    Is there a version of the 87 and 89 deadline roms without the reduced speed burst?
  10. When the game decides which cpu teams move on in playoff brackets, are the winners randomly chosen, or do team ratings/player ratings/ team advantages affect the outcome?
  11. All time great teams hack---has it been done?

    I forgot to say that I used these ideas while creating a solo-play Rom I call "NHL Dream." My 13 cpu opponent teams have all-time players rated 100-120. The 8 teams I use are all teams that hadn't won a Cup as of 1990, and my 1st line forwards are mostly rated low 70s through low 80s.
  12. All time great teams hack---has it been done?

    To do all-time teams, I think: 1. Your best bet is to keep it mostly "best lines ever." Use LA's Triple Crown Line, Buffalo's French Connection, Detroit's Production Line, etc. That way not every player has to be a 100 or whatever. Also, there would be fewer "time leaps" within a roster. The original 6, though, would have a true all-time team. For example, Montreal would have Beliveau playing with Richard and Lafleur. 2. You would have to let go of the strict statistical formula because it's too hard to say which specific year you are using. Be creative and use our inexact impressions from history. 3. If you use the 21 teams (pre-San Jose), you would basically be making a "best of the 70s and 80s" rom (cool!). The original 6 could dip further back in time to include Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, Gordie Howe, Maurice Richard, etc.
  13. You probably want nhlpa '93. Scroll down at the bottom of this forum to find its subsection along with various other years' sections. Only '95 and '96 lack fighting, I think.
  14. Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    The 5 years in 1 original six ROM is very cool!
  15. NHL 2018 by Slapshot67 & Skip

    Thank you!