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  1. brilliance of NHLPA '93 ratings

    Ooops - I did use a comparison word - superior - in my original post. Touche
  2. brilliance of NHLPA '93 ratings

    The 73 vs. 80 vs. 86 point is valid, Coach. They are probably unnoticeable. Also, weaknesses of '93 ratings have been pointed out other places: +/- rating to decide Defensive Awareness creates a bunch of illogical results. Shooting % is a pure stat, but it creates illogical results when it is used exclusively to decide a player's shooting accuracy. Of course, manual goalie is a must for head-to-head combat, so '94 has to get the nod there. I like the new feature of a wider range of ratings available in '94, thanks to SMOZ. Does anyone actually use the low end of the range, though? Does anyone play with line changes and therefore use a wider variety of players? I just like the comment I read some where that the variety gives players and teams more personal character instead of a "stock" feel.
  3. brilliance of NHLPA '93 ratings

    As far as parameters for solitaire go, have you guys ever thought of playing '94 but ONLY allowing yourself one-timers when on the power play? I play solitaire a lot not because I like running up the score but because I don't expect others to understand my priority: making an up-and-down drama that could go either way. I totally get why most like no-holds-barred winning, but I am getting old and am just doing it for the love of the game. It's kind of like loving '93 without comparing it to '94; the value of one is not derived from beating another.
  4. brilliance of NHLPA '93 ratings

    I already knew that most people prefer '94, so I posted this comment under the '93 posts. I intentionally made no pokes against '94 because my point was just to observe and appreciate a part of '93 without taking any shots against the beauty of '94. '93 is not great because I compare it to '94; it is just great.
  5. Maybe you all knew, but I haven't noticed anyone pointing it out ... One of the keys to NHLPA 93's ratings is that it used the full range (using line changes, players go from a 1 to a couple of 95's; even without line changes, starters can vary greatly). It also had "a 0-15" scale, but did you notice that players' ratings were directly affected by the quality of their team? What I mean is that the 21 teams (leaving out expansion and all-star), split perfectly into upper (7-9 team rating), mid (4-6 team rating), and lower (1-3 team ratings) thirds (exactly 7 teams per tier). Then the 0-15 scale was used like this: 1. Top Third uses ratings ending in 6's (26, 46, 66, 86) 2. Middle Third uses ratings ending in 0's (20, 40, 60, 80) 3. Lower Third uses ratings ending in 3's (13, 33, 53, 73) (Throw in the 0, 6, 93, and 100 also.) * An unexplained exception is Philly, a lower third team that uses players ratings ending in 0's. What does this mean? A player who gets an 80 speed on an average team would get an 86 if he were on a good team or a 73 if he were on a bad team. Net result is a wide spread of players AND a wide spread of teams. I think that NHLPA's ratings created a superior variety of playing experiences. I imitate this distribution when I make my own projects. Don't allow yourself the breakaway move and choose a bottom third team, and you have a fun solitaire experience. Playing against a friend who is much better or much worse than you? Choose two teams that balance the scales.
  6. Yes, I have been caught in an endless circle of second-guessing myself and redoing ratings in several projects that I have made for my personal use. Anyway, here is Coach Mac's 80s rom. 80s NHL.bin
  7. Finally a topic where I might be helpful to others - hockey history! I love Coach Mac's 70 somethin' concept and have been hoping for an 80 somethin' Hockey Night rom. His decade roms were once posted under the master list here, but the links are now dead. Based on my memory and some research, here are my best guesses as I look at the rom. I feel 90% sure about these answers. Boston 83 Buffalo 84 Calgary 89 Chicago 83 Detroit 88 Edmonton 84 Hartford 87 LA 81 Minnesota 81 Montreal 86 NJ 88 NYI 82 NYR 86 Philly 87 Pittsburgh 86 Quebec 85 St. Louis 86 Toronto 87 Vancouver 82 Washington 86 Winnipeg 85 I hope this info. helps!
  8. Thank you for the very thorough lesson! I think that I can follow these instructions - very clear even to me.
  9. Coach Mac's Hockey Night Roms

    Coach, Do you use weight bug fix or weight bug fix+check bonus?
  10. I am using NOSE to alter uniforms. (1) Will any edit to the home uniform affect the center ice logo coloring? (2) Can I change the away uniform without any side effects? Thanks.
  11. NHLPA questions

    Or maybe I will start with classic nhlpa93, including weight bug. I tested the weight bug fix version and found that I sorta missed all of the wild hitting.
  12. NHLPA questions

    My plan is to make an 80's version of NHLPA for line changes ON where the checking line is a fighters line you can deploy at will and let slip the dogs of war. I love using NOSE (what a great program for people like me!), and I will do all of the players and ratings. However, I can't do two things I wanted: (1) a generic NHL logo for center ice for all teams (2) 80's banners (Los Angeles gold and purple, Minnesota green and yellow, Wales and Campbells instead of East and West, etc.) I was going to start with others' work as a base on these graphics issues, but their 30 team ROM jams up in the Everdrive. Besides, I kind of wanted to start my own from scratch. So now I have your "simple weight bug-fixed" version of the original and am ready to go to work. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  13. NHLPA questions

    (1) Some NHLPA roms I try work, but on others, the screen just goes black when I try to load it from the Everdrive. Anybody have a suggestion? (2) Can I use SmozROm or EARE with NHLPA? Thanks!
  14. Fatigue in every ROM?

    Just to share the resolution - yes, the fatigue problem was only on the device I was using. The fatigue works fine on my new Everdrive.
  15. Coach Mac's Hockey Night Roms

    I am checking out the 1980 one. Wow...